A teacher made racist comments towards his students (Video)

A teacher made racist comments towards his students
Image for the video on Twitter

Recently, a teacher in Austin Texas shared a video with his students that proved to be quite controversial. The clip documented a conversation he had with some of his black-skinned students, during which he said that the white race is better than the black race. Now, many people are expressing their condemnation of this teacher’s statements via social media outlets.

The clip, which has received more than two million views on Twitter, features the teacher speaking to his students. He says, “I am a person who cherishes my white race and believes that it is the best.”

Despite the laughter of some students and the disapproval of others, the teacher continued speaking calmly. When asked if he admits that he is racist, the teacher said, “I think everyone is racist at this level.”

One of the black students said in response, “I really don’t think I’m racist. I mean, I love all people.” Another added with a hint of anger and betrayal, “Respect is something that has to be earned… and you just lost mine.”

The incident took place at the Bulls Middle School in Pflugerville, Texas during a counseling session. The purpose of this extracurricular activity is to build students’ academic, social and emotional culture.

Although the teacher’s name was not released, it was confirmed by USA media that the school administration had suspended his work and placed him on administrative leave last Friday. The investigation is being conducted by the Human Resources Department.

In a statement to the media, Pflugerville Independent School District denounced the teacher’s comments as inappropriate and unacceptable. They went on to apologize to the student’s parents and said that they would not tolerate this type of behavior.

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