Driving is a pretty difficult task that requires more care and considerations on the road to avoid any unfortunate event. Despite the common and usual practice, when it comes to safety on the road, it becomes even more complex. Not only that, driving needs many considerations like focusing on the road, avoiding distractions, staying on the lane and many others.

Meanwhile, avoiding any one of these factors can cause a serious accident. Moreover, driving doesn’t require any prior experience either. Drivers always caught up in dangerous activities instead of ensuring safety.

Meanwhile, a proper vehicle certification like EzLicence also increases the safety benefits by providing a set of safety rules. Many other things must be avoided on the road at all costs. Drivers think of driving as a no-brainer activity, which is the opposite. All kinds of rules and regulations that are imposed by law enforcement are the reasons to ensure cautiously and protection of the road riders. The drivers always need to make sure that they don’t lie in the brainless categories by following traffic management. For that, let’s discuss ten things that you should never do on the road. 

1. Using cellphone

Using your cellphone, while being on the road is a big no. Many people lose their lives in traffic accidents, and the distraction of cellphones causes more than half of these accidents. It might seem like a small and smart move to pick up a call or see a message while driving. But in reality, small negligence of this kind is always damaging and hazardous on the road. 

2. Driving tired or under the influence

Driving tired or under the influence holds serious dangers and increases the chances of accidents. One of the reasons for that is, drugged or sleepy drivers have a very reduced rate of response, while in terms of driving it is very dangerous. It becomes extremely important to give the body a proper rest before red riding on the road again. 

3. Overspeeding

Overspeeding is another main cause of the most common road accidents. A research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has explained that more than 22% of the deadly accidents are caused by overspeeding.  The passion and enthusiasm of the people lead them to drive their vehicles vigorously, which increases the potential dangers of an accident. Authorities also encourage drivers by assigning signboards of speed limits on the populated areas. 

4. Avoiding Side Mirrors

Avoiding the side mirrors is another most common negligence that is seen in most drivers. All the latest super and sports cars all come with side mirrors, while people still see no benefits in using them. Using the side mirrors allows drivers to ensure safety on their side, while a field of view for other vehicles increases the precautionary measures. Meanwhile avoiding the side is the driver’s own mistake and exposes them to a dangerous accident.

5. Driving barefoot

Driving barefoot isn’t a better choice of staying secure in your vehicle. Moreover, there isn’t any comfortability in driving barefoot, but it, even more, increases the driving complexity. Pedals require pushable force so that the drivers can easily manage to drive without any trouble. Always drive with shoes on to increase the comfortability and security during the drive on the road. 

6. Avoiding Seatbelts

Another main reason for serious injuries is avoiding seatbelts. Putting on the seatbelts is a very easiest and convenient thing to do, while many people still run away from it. With the increasing inevitability of road accidents, seatbelts help in mitigation of the aftereffects of the road accidents. 

7. Eating Foods

Not only the reckless driving but eating food on the road has also proved to be the most dangerous activity to do while driving. No matter how quickly and skilfully you eat any food, small negligence can always be dangerous for you and others. Professionals always recommend to park the car while eating, or if you are in a hurry, assign the driving seat to someone else. 

8. Listening to Radio

Listening to the radio must be avoided during the trip on the road. Radios are always distracting, and distraction has the disadvantages of engaging and reducing the reaction time of the driver. A jamming radio in the ride reduces the driver’s ability to hear the vehicle’s honks. A driver needs to focus on the road rather than distracting themselves with tracks. 

9. Getting Angry

Anger, rage, and madness over the small things on the road, not only decreases respect but also increases venerability for road accidents. The rate of road accidents is increased by up to 56% because of driver’s outraging and reckless driving. It is difficult to find good drivers on-road these days, but that doesn’t mean you should blow a fuse. 

10. Tailgating

Last but not least thing to avoid on the road is tailgating other vehicles. You will never know when or how the leading vehicle is going to pull the breaks. It is extremely hazardous and hight risk practice to tailgate other vehicles. Always stay in your line and use indicators to change it. If you see a car tailgating another vehicle, change your lane to avoid any hapless accident. 


Driving is a very dangerous place to test the abilities and perform different stunts. It is the driver’s behavior that entails the best or worst outcomes. Never think of safety procedures as boring and frustrating activities. Because, in the end, they will be benefiting in fortifying protection of you along with other drivers too.


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