Accidents are often the consequences of human behaviors. That’s because most accidents, from minor collisions to fatal accidents, and are likely caused by some sort of unsafe practices, careless driving, speeding and other human factors.

When you are behind the wheel, driving safely should be your top concern and you should stay prepared for the unexpected. In addition, you must be extra cautious, attentive, and prepared to handle any situation that might arise on the road. While you might like to think that every other driver on the road has good driving skills, we know that’s just not the case, so defensive driving at all times is a must. 

By some estimates, 16% of all accidents are caused by distractions like focusing on the radio, accessing GPS, using a hand-held phone, or trying to unwrap that tasty Taco Bell meal. So, while we may all plan on being a good, safe driver at all times, actually being a focused driving is another.

Here are four important tips that will help you to have better control of their vehicles, and feel more confident on the road. Let’s scroll down!

1: Conduct a Vehicle Inspection Before You Drive

No one wants to be stuck in the middle of the road or in an accident due to a broken down or unsafe vehicle. But maybe fixing a car isn’t exactly your thing and you don’t have the ability to handle mechanical issues and car engine-related malfunctions. So, what would you do if you get stuck somewhere because of neglecting vehicle inspection? It would be devastating, right?

Make sure your car is in good condition before you start the engine. This is especially important if you are planning to go on a long road trip. In case you find something strange with any part, you should take it to a reputable car mechanic to have it fixed, that is, if you don’t want to read the car instruction manual and try to fix it yourself.

Unfortunately, if you are in an accident, due to the negligence of another driver or unsafe vehicle conditions, you should immediately call the police and consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to discuss a possible car accident settlement. The attorney will guide you through the process regarding all the legalities and insurance claims. 

2: Pay Attention to the Positioning of your Driver’s Seat

Your driver’s seat is a very important but often overlooked part of your car. Position your seat in a way that is comfortable but also safe, with room to turn and drive your car. For a great driving experience, also pay attention to the side and rearview mirrors, as these important parts will help you know the directions of vehicles passing by and thus help prevent accidents. And of course, never forget to put your seatbelt on before initiating the engine.

3: Try to Avoid Distractions

According to recent studies, most accidents occur because drivers focus more on other activities than staying focused on the road. Some of the common reasons for involving in accidents are cell phone ringing, engaging in conversations with passengers, eating, and more. This can easily create a situation of minor to major accidents or even worse!

The safest way to drive is to always pay attention to the road and stay calm. This will not only benefit you and your loved ones sitting with you, but also for other drivers commuting on the road.

4: Be Alert and Attentive

Being extra cautious is never a bad idea, but especially when you’re on the road. For instance, if you are in an accident, don’t forget to take out your car key to avoid theft of your damaged vehicle. Make sure you lock your car properly and never put costly items or belongings where they can be easily seen and stolen.

If someone approaches to ask directions, evaluate your surroundings well before you step out your car to guide them. Being extra attentive is necessary to avoid thefts and attacks. This will not only make you prepared while driving on the road, but also save you from dangerous scenarios.


Even if you have a clean record and take pride in your ding-free car, the odds are high that you’ve got a few bad habits while driving. This guide will help you with remembering the necessary safety tips to demonstrate your best driving skills!