Planning and conducting the perfect event may not be easy! The success of the meeting depends on many individual factors that must come together at the right time. Regardless of the scale and style of the event, the key role is played by choice of the partner providing the venue. We conducted a survey and found out what exactly includes the ideal organization of the event: from the search for ideas and suitable premises, reservations, planning and site preparation to the event itself and summing up. We took advantage of the findings of experts to help you at every stage of the process. Below are ten tips for event planners.

1. Enthusiasm is paramount, so choose a proactive partner

Of course, the right choice of premises plays a decisive role in the success of the event. However, it is very important that an enthusiastic team of service specialists work at the site, which, like you, strives to organize a truly unforgettable event. Find attentive partners with interesting ideas, a flexible approach and an active position that will tell you how to use the site’s capabilities to achieve maximum effect.

2. Good relationships begin with good communication.

Remember the importance of communication. The responsibilities of the event manager are not limited to meeting with clients and planning events on paper. You must understand the wishes of the customer, and then accurately transfer them to suppliers, contractors and the team helping the organization. Often, even the smallest change in plan can affect the final result, so always check that everyone is up to date and have up-to-date information.

Teamwork and trust are essential components of success. Satisfied customers tell friends and business partners about the company and me, which significantly expands the network of contacts and opens up additional opportunities for the hotel.

Give preference to potential partners who quickly responded to your request and provided a thoughtful offer that meets all your requirements. Also pay attention to those who promptly clarified all your requirements by phone or email, instead of sending an incomplete offer. Choose from the catering companies that truly value your time and your business.

3. Attention to detail

As a rule, you can plan events ranging from large meetings, conferences, exhibitions to modest meetings of companies smoothly if you ensure attention to detail. The proper organization of the event manager’s work is an important component of success. For each event, you must have a separate list of tasks (checklist) that receive the treasured “checkmark” as they progress. This very simple system allows you to avoid mistakes and does not miss something important. You must understand that one of the difficulties of organizing events is the inability to foresee everything, but you can prepare for the unexpected as well as possible. Make a list of alternative scenarios for events and think about how to get out of problem situations.

4. Set clear goals so your partner can help you achieve them.

It is extremely important to clearly describe the purpose of your event in the brief of the project. Tasks may include choosing the perfect site with the right capacity, IT infrastructure and payment terms. And do not forget about the food! To guarantee success, enlist the support of an active partner who will offer a special menu to improve the general atmosphere of the event or to meet the special dietary needs of guests. Check out the latest culinary trends and get them ready. Surprise your guests with a gastronomic variety: from unusual street food to new interpretations of home cooking.

5. Collaborate the right way

Relations with your partner do not end with the end of the event: in the ideal case, this is only the beginning of long-term cooperation with the site. Invoices must be promptly issued and must include accurate and detailed information, as well as data on the commission. To collect feedback and learn how to improve your next event, organize personal phone calls rather than sending emails or online polls.

7. Choose the right event planner

Find a coordinator who will focus all efforts on your event. Your event deserves special attention from a special person. Choose a partner who will provide you with a coordinator to organize each aspect from A to Z. This experienced team member will help to avoid many problems and bring your ideas to life. The coordinator has all the basic information, such as layout and capacity of the premises. In addition, he will tell you about other important options, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and individual offers. Make sure you have the complete event planning guide with you before you start.

8. Flexible approach

Cooperating with different clients and companies, you should be prepared for everything because everyone has their own vision, needs and desires. The profession of an event manager requires flexibility and the ability to make decisions quickly. Of course, you need to have a prepared template for events, but it is equally important to be able to adapt it to a suitable situation and specific goals.

9. Time does not wait

Another valuable piece of advice on organizing events is to learn the techniques of time management. It is especially important to manage time while working on several projects competently. If you make a mistake or forget to do something, the client may refuse services, and as a result, your company’s reputation will suffer. Therefore, learn to prioritize everyday tasks; every business has a deadline that you should not miss. If you understand that you can’t cope with the whole amount of work (when there are several major events), ask for help from colleagues, suppliers and contractors. The event world never sleeps. Do you want to organize the event in a quality manner? Do everything on time!

10. Love your work

The work of an event manager is not only parties and communication with people but also constant stress, a lot of boring administrative red tape and endless demands. But when the event is successful, you experience incredible joy and satisfaction. There is nothing nicer than hearing praise and thanks from customers. It motivates you every day to face difficulties with a smile.


And finally, do not forget that the key to the success of any event is the right preparation. Why wait for the next major event? Just follow all the above-mentioned tips that have been given, and now you are good to go to host the most memorable event of not only your life but your guests’ lives too.

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