Glassware is an integral part to any home. Whether you are a homemaker or rarely home, having a variety of glasses for different drinks and occasions will help to create memorable moments for you and your loved ones. 

Most popular types of glassware

While there is no hard and fast rule, these are 10 key types of glassware that you will be happy to have on hand as to be prepared for any occasion:

  1. Everyday glassware. Choosing a glassware set for everyday use doesn’t have to be boring. Think glasses with designs and varying geometric shapes to leave an impact when served with even the simplest of beverages.
  2. Coffee mugs. From punny to on-the-go, coffee mugs is one staple that would be hard to do without.
  3. Wine glasses. Even those on the clumsy side can be the proud owner of red and white wine glasses thanks to stemless options.
  4. Beer steins. Upgraded styles of beer steins now come in sleek styles and colours, perfectly suited for smaller spaces or as a chic display.
  5. Champagne glasses. From flutes to coupes, champagne glasses are all about style, baby. For these glasses, crystal is your best bet for a timeless toast.
  6. Liquor glasses. Having these on hand can turn a luxurious drink into a memorable experience.
  7. Gin balloon. Having a set of these on hand are sure to keep the gin drinkers in your life content.
  8. Whiskey glass. Whiskey glasses are created to complement the nose and palate of this classic alcohol.
  9. Cocktail glasses. Whether you’re serving a martini or margarita, having a variety of cocktail glasses on hand is always a good idea.
  10. Shot glasses. A collector’s favourite, there is a shot glass out there to suit everyone’s taste.