Testosterone is a hormone which is produced in a man’s testes which are responsible for making a man a “MAN”. From the birth of a male child inside the embryo of the mother, testosterone is the hormone which is responsible for the development of the sex organs of the male child. It also plays the most important role in making boys look like men by leading to hair growth on the face, building muscles and bones mass and by deepening their voice when they hit puberty.

Testosterone also plays the most important part in a man’s sexual function by stimulating the sperm production as well as a giving the man a sex drive. Since testosterone levels decrease with the increase in age naturally, some man can experience a common condition called low testosterone or “low T”. Although decreasing testosterone levels is a part of aging process, some may experience the decrease in level more than others or at earlier stages than others.

Injury to the testicles, chemotherapy or radiation performed in the genital area to treat cancer, diseases of the pituitary gland and medicines which may affect these glands such as steroids are some of other reasons of a drop in testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels can cause harmful and bad health effects on the individuals. Since testosterone is the reason behind libido in men, desire to have sex can drastically decrease in a man with low T.

Testosterone also helps in getting and maintaining erection by stimulating brain receptors to produce nitric oxide, which in turns triggers chain of chemical reactions needed for achieving an erection. So a person with low T would definitely find it extremely difficult to achieve an erection. Besides these problems, low semen volume, hair loss, extreme fatigue, decreased muscle and bone mass while increased body fat are some of the red flags which can point to low testosterone levels.

One way to reverse the symptoms that are associated with the condition of low testosterone is testosterone therapy. If one would ask if the injections work really quickly, one should know that it is not a quick fix for all the problems caused by the “low T” and it would not end all the symptoms magically. The best answer to this question is little complicated because whether injections work really quickly on an individual or not is subject to how their system and body respond to the injections.

It has been seen that injections work really quickly on individuals who adopted a very healthy lifestyle which include properly sleeping for at least six to eight hours, eating well balanced and nutritional diet, and exercising for 5 hours a week. Although most men notice significant changed in themselves with 6 weeks of testosterone therapy, but it has been noticed injections work really quickly in few individuals. Instead of asking if the injections work really quickly the proper question to ask is how quickly they work on a particular area. For example one can get his libido back in a time span of 3 weeks from start the treatment while it can take up to 3 months or longer to lower the cholesterol levels.

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