We have all fallen out of our fair share of relationships. If you too have had a horrible breakup recently and have fallen out of touch with your ex, you know what it must feel like when he texts you after a long time duration of zero contact. While some people look forward to that text from their ex to reignite and rekindle old flames, there are tons of people out there who dread receiving that text from their ex. If you have recently received that much dreaded text from your ex, you know that you won’t be able to keep dodging it and avoiding it forever. While it may cause a lot of pain and emotional turmoil for you to text him back, texting him back is the mature and sensible thing to do.

Today we have put together a list of tips and suggestions that will help you handle texting your ex back in a more sensible and practical manner. You can also check 9 Easy Steps to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back and get more information.

Don’t Let That Dreaded Text Trigger Painful Memories And Anxiety

While texting your ex back may be the mature thing to do, you also need to keep in mind your own feelings and emotions. When you finally receive that dreaded text from your ex after a long duration of no contact, you need to remind yourself to not get anxious or depressed. There is no need for you to dive into the pool of old and depressing memories. Although you have received the text and read it and your ex probably knows that you have read the text, you need not respond immediately. After all, the phone is for your convenience and not the text sender’s convenience. Take your time to accept the fact that you have received the text and also take your time to respond to the text.

Respond Back Only When You’re Emotionally Stable

Texting Your ExWhen responding to a text from your ex, you need to keep in mind that emotional stability matters. You don’t want to end up sending back a text that sounds depressed and emotionally unstable. A text by itself can be a very complicated form of communication as the receiver doesn’t quite get to hear the tone of your voice when you’re responding. When responding to the text, you need to be emotionally and mentally stable so that you don’t end up sending out the wrong message. Also, send out the response at a time that is suitable to you and at a civilised hour. Don’t end up sending your response in the middle of the night as it may give out a wrong impression to your ex.

Think Carefully What You Want To Say Before You Send Out The Text

You need to think very hard and long before you send out your response to your ex. You don’t want to end up sending out a response that you regret later or a response that only ends up giving a wrong impression. You need to consider and reconsider all the facts and information and send out a response in accordance with how you feel. If you’re 100 percent sure that you don’t want to speak to him, you need to send out a text that is formal and curt. Don’t send out a message that is long and that borderline on uncertainty.

Let Your Ex Know Where You Stand

If your ex has messaged you for a genuine reason such as wrapping up old matters, then talking to him at length is most advisable. You guys need to clear the air and any old issues and move on as quickly as possible. For instance, if your ex has texted you in regards to the rent of the house that you guys once stayed in, or wants to return some of your clothes and belongings, then you need to settle the matter quickly. However, if your ex has texted you because he “misses” you or because he is yet again trying to control your mind and your emotions, you need to firmly let him know where you stand. After the first few exchanges of messages you will understand the basic reason of your ex texting you. If you find that he is just trying to get back together or strike up conversation, you need to firmly let him know where you stand.

Stick To The Point When Texting Him Back

Beating around the bush and drawing blanks is not going to get you anywhere. If you’re absolutely certain about the fact that you don’t want anything to do with your ex anymore, you need to stick to the point when texting him back. If he has texted you for some work, then respond to that and that only. There’s no need for you to have basic conversation about the birds and the bees and weather. However, you don’t exactly need to be rude either. Stick to the point at hand when responding to your ex and don’t bring up trivial conversations.

Don’t Go Overboard With Delaying Your Response

As much as you want to avoid the elephant in the room, you don’t want to end up going overboard with delaying your response to your ex. While it is absolutely fine to take some time before you respond to his text, you don’t need to take forever either. Don’t take more than 24-48 hours to respond to his text. Be mature about the way you handle this entire situation.

Responding back to the text of an ex who you no longer wish to speak to can be a real pain. Sometimes you’re caught unaware and aren’t exactly sure how to handle the situation. The tips and suggestions that we have put together to help you respond back to your ex’s text will help you handle the matter in a sensible and stable manner. If you’re still uncertain and unsure about how to go about this, you can refer to myrelationshipscenter.com for more information and guidance.

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