Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the most thrilling and appealing nations for holiday visits. The Nation is harboring thousands of miles of a coastal line that encompasses beaches, hotels, and restaurants as well as open-air markets. Its capital city is Bangkok and it is known for the best tropical rain forests with lots of rare animal species. Which cities are worth paying a visit to Thailand? Below is just but a summary of the cities that can make your visit to Thailand unforgettable. You can book a trip from Chiang Mai to Chiang rai to enjoy further.

Krabi Town of Thailand

If you would like to unwind and experience the true Thai Culture, take your time and visit this Peninsula city. What makes it unique is the sparkling local markets that open even at night. It is a peaceful country so you can walk around while shopping for various products for yourself. If you go out of the city and reach Tiger Temple, you will find the Tiger Temple which is located on a hilltop for panoramic views of the mesmerizing environment of the place.

Bangkok City Thailand

Every Capital city is the heart of every nation and Bangkok is no different. It is equipped with ornate buildings and temples as well as other recreational centers thereby making it a spellbinding place to visit. If you would like to have lots of fun exploring local places in the city, visit the place anytime. Wat Pho temple is one of the places where people like to visit plus other compelling places like the Khoisan road and Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Surin City

 A breath-taking place that looks so epic. The Khmer Ruins makes the place an ideal tourist attraction site where people can spend time interacting and associate with nature. Sometimes it shows talents and holds festivals that are supposed to depict the true culture of the people of Thailand. You can visit here anytime and find many activities to do including horse riding and other types of activities. Elephant roundup also takes place in this region so if you are interested, you can take a ride.


It is a simple small town and makes people wouldn’t expect to do many activities in this region but its outskirts are filled with all sorts of recreational treasures. In the forest, you can trek, do some hunting and involve yourself in a massive boat ride. Take your time and head to Namtokphlio National Park which has verdant fauna and flora to find excellent treasures that will make you enjoy and pass your time in a more enjoyable way.


A cool green city that is located in the banks of River Mekong. You can visit here to enjoy a boat ride within the forest as you watch the various animals from a distance. After you ride for some time, you will have an excellent view of the neighborhood and if you want, you can enjoy some of the best lunch dishes.


Thailand country is a perfect destination for your holidays. Since it contains plenty of treasures, it is good to plan your visits. Know where to go and how much it will cost you.