The 4 Main Areas of Psychology

Main Areas of Psychology

Psychology, the study of behaviour and the mind, is a vast definition of the scientific study of humankind in general. Psychologists try to understand the way we think and why, as it pertains to certain circumstances in our lives.

A broad range of individuals benefit from psychological intervention, especially when they have conditions that may directly affect their mental health. If you believe you or a loved one should be offered psychology through the NDIS, keep reading to find out the 4 basic areas of psychology and how it can help.


Clinical psychology is an area that focuses on the mental assistance that can be provided through counselling services. Through this practice, clinical psychologists can evaluate, diagnose, and treat various mental incapacities for adults, children, and families.


This area of psychology relates to the medical theory that the way we behave is a result of the conditions provided to us by our environment. This can relate to genetic and personality traits, and how they affect our reactions and habitual responses to everyday stimuli. More specifically, observable behaviours can be observed (like in school or at home) to find underlying relationships in our surroundings.


Cognitive psychology is used to address mental processes as they relate to thinking, perception, attention, and other conscious brain activity. Those with anxiety, depression, personality, and relationship problems and disorders benefit from cognitive psychology since it helps them understand their problems and find ways to cope in healthy ways.


Direct research on the brain from the vantage point of biology is the main factor in biopsychology. Essentially, biology and psychology mesh to study the functionality and development of the human brain as it relates to sensory, emotions, and cognition. With evolutionary research, psychologists can better understand the human brain and body’s natural response to pain and stress.

How Can Psychology NDIS Help You?

NDIS psychologists can serve those seeking psychological assessments, treatments, and ongoing support through NDIS funding. Psychology through the NDIS can help patients build self-confidence, regulate their emotions, develop healthy coping skills, control anxiety, and more! Don’t hesitate to find a NDIS provider to get started on your psychological assistance.