Though it is still early in the year, companies are working tirelessly to stay on track to achieve their first-quarter goals. However, it is imperative that corporations actively plan for charity team-building activities to advance their Corporate Social Responsibility while giving employees the chance to refresh and re-energize. An excellent illustration of a collaborative partner for charity team-building activities that corporations can engage with is WE Charity.

So, if you are chairing the team-building committee in your company, here are the best charity activities for teams in your corporation you should try out in 2022.

Race To Feed the Hungry

In this type of game, teams compete to decorate and fill grocery carts with foods that will then be donated to charity organizations that feed the food-insecure families.

For instance, the game could have different levels where participants compete to win each level, after which they unlock food hampers. All the foods collected at every stage will be donated to a selected charity dealing with homeless individuals or food-insecure families. The exciting bit about the game is that you can creatively modify it to make it enjoyable.

Hospital Art

The hospital art game calls for participants to engage creatively in making arts for different charities or hospital clinics.

Teams work together to draw and paint on white canvas any interesting, colorful, and cheerful artwork that will be donated to a selected hospital or charity organization. It can be a fun team-building game, especially for children’s orphanage centers and children’s hospitals.

Bikes for Charity Building Project

Not many kids have access to bikes, especially those from less privileged neighborhoods. Thus, the bicycles for charity can be a good charity team-building game for your employees this year.

Your employees will solve different challenges in the game where they unlock different bike parts. Once all the necessary components are unlocked, the teams assemble the bikes. At the end of the challenge, all assembled bikes will be donated to charities helping kids from low-income families.

Corporate Charity Gift Donation Activity

If you are tied for cash and wonder what charity team building activity to engage in with your employees this year, try the employee gift donation activity.

In this activity, employees can bring all manner of gifts, including old clothes, shoes, old books, and old toys, among other things. Once everything has been collected, they can be categorized and donated to charities that assist low-income families. Those old items in your home that you think are unworthy can be worthy for someone else. In fact, in this activity, you can donate many things worth over $100,000.

Military Care Packages

The military men and women work tirelessly to secure our international border and ensure the world remains tranquil. So, it would be nice to participate in military care packages charity games.

Teams can be tasked with creating as many creative combinations of care packages. Some of the everyday items in an army care pack include hygiene and personal care items, snacks, and individually wrapped snacks. But with creativity, more things can be included. Subsequently, the team with the most creative combination of packages will win the game. Afterward, all packages will be donated to servicemen and women through the different military donation charities.