We all have a special mom in our life. Whether it is our biological mom who gave birth to us and raised us—even when we made life challenging for them—or a special woman who was a motherly figure to you, there is no better way to celebrate the impact they have had in their life than with a meaningful gift.

But how do you go about finding the best holiday gift for your mom? Especially when they have already given you one of the greatest gifts in life—a mother’s love.

While it might not be just as great as their eternal love for you, we have managed to find a range of beautiful and thoughtful gifts that will make your mom feel adored. From super sentimental gifts that will make her well up to practical gifts that she can use all year long, we have rounded up the best holiday gift ideas for the most fabulous lady in your life.

Here is what every type of mom will likely love to get from you this Christmas.

For the Mom Who Loves to Dance

If your mom has happy feet and loves to bust a move, then giving her the gift of music is a great way to go. It is likely she grew up in an era why vinyl records were the trendy thing to have. So why not seek out some of the best jazz albums of her era and give her a reason to bust out the old record player once again. Another great gift is airpod cases that her wireless AirPods headphones can stay protected when she is not using them in her jam out sessions.

Or, you can give your mom a more experiential gift such as a dancing lesson for the two of you. Not only will she love learning new dance moves from professionals, but will be equally excited to get to do the experience with you. You will, in return, love watching her be so happy busting a move like she was sixteen again.

For the Mom Who Deserves to Relax

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs out there. They are always working hard to improve the lives of those they love the most, even if that means inconveniencing themselves to do so. That is why you should come up with creative ways in getting your mom to relax this Christmas. You can start with giving her a Bubbly Belle bubble bath collection kit so that she is encouraged to take time out of her day for a relaxing soak with a glass of wine in hand.

Or, you can give her a much more hands on experience with a booked massage at your local spa. She will love having the chance to feel pampered and will likely feel zen for the rest of the day. To really make her gift special, why not make it a whole spa day for the two of you, where you can spend time relaxing and catching up together, free from all other distractions. A spa gift basket is another option she’ll surely love.

For the Mom Who is a MasterChef

Moms are often known for being some of the best chefs in town. They not only get creative with the range of dishes that they make but also pour their heart and soul into each recipe. So why not spoil them in the kitchen this year with a premium ceramic cookware set that is chemical-free and designed to last a really long time. Or, you can help them take a break from the rigorous meal prepping they do every day by signing them up for a food box plan, where ingredients and recipes are delivered fresh to their door. One great option is Porto’s delivery, which drops off freshly made items that simply need to be put in the oven. There is also the tablet stand for kitchen experiences, which allow for your mom to easily reference recipes in a hands-free way and without cluttering up the counter.

Or, you can make it a memorable experience that will leave a delicious taste in her mouth by giving her the gift of a cooking class. The two of you can spend the afternoon learning how to make pasta, master traditional French dishes or play around with pastries.

For the Mom Who Adores Her Dog

If your mom is as obsessed with her dog as she is her children, then giving her the gift of

renaissance pet portraits is going to put a huge smile on her face. Who wouldn’t love to see their dog in a NASA space uniform printed on a plush pillow or hung on a canvas on your living room wall?

Or, make the gift more about her dog than her. Get the dog some stylish accessories or even offer to babysit the dog for the day so she can spend an afternoon relaxing instead.

For the Mom Who Doesn’t Have a Green Thumb

All moms love flowers, but not all have the talent to keep them alive for days and weeks on end. This is why instead of giving your mom roses that last a year is a great alternative. Beautifully arranged and no care necessary, your mom will feel pampered every day as her roses continue to look just as beautiful each day that passes after Christmas.

Or, for a more experiential gift, take your mom to a local florist for a class on learning how to make flower arrangements. The two of you will end up with some beautiful assortments to bring home with you, as well as a lifetime of memories.

For the Mom Who Enjoys learning

If your mom values learning new things and want to be taught by the best, then sign her up for a MasterClass experience that will ignite new passions within her. From learning how to cook from Gordon Ramsey to learning how to save the planet from Jane Goodall, the extensive library of classes will easily keep her occupied for the next her.

This one also doubles as a great experiential gift, as the two of you can do a MasterClass together. You will not only learn to work together but also come out of it with new skills to show off to the other members of your family.

For the Mom Who Loves to Travel

With it becoming slowly easier to travel once again, why not plan the trip of a lifetime for you and your mom? Not only are there some great travel deals out there, but with fewer people traveling the two of you will get to really enjoy some of the world’s greats. Why not hop over to Greece or London for a long weekend together? Or hang out on a tropical beach in Hawaii for a girl’s trip.

Getting your mom the ultimate Chrismtas gift this holiday season does not have to be rocket science. In fact, all you need to do is pick one of these thoughtful gifts and know that she will automatically love it because you picked it out for her.

From gifts that will spark her passion for learning or traveling once again to gifts that will give her more quality time with you, what one will you be picking out for the leading lady in your life?