If you’re thinking of going solo as a freelancer or establishing your own small business then the whole process can feel daunting. But thanks to ever-evolving technological developments, it is now easier than ever to find the right software to take control of the most tedious aspects of running your own business for you, leaving you free to focus on what you really love! From building a website to real-time accounting, here are the best tech tools for freelancers:

Accounting Software

Nothing is certain in the world except death and taxes, so one of the first things every freelancer should invest in is accounting software to enable them to record their ingoings and outgoings, and calculate any tax payments due quickly and effectively. There is a wide range of different accounting software available, and the right one for you will depend on both your skill set and industry, as well as personal preference. If you work in the manufacturing industry you may favour quickbooks for manufacturers, for example, as it can track your inventory levels as well as your financial expenditure, turning it from a practical tool to one that is really invaluable. If your billing needs are a little more complex, then Freshbooks is also a viable option, as it easily enables a wide array of revenue streams and complicated accounting options.

Website and Mobile Site Development Tools

There are very few modern businesses that wouldn’t benefit from their own website, so online tools to design and build your own quickly and easily are particularly appealing to many freelancers and small business owners. Wix is an incredibly popular option for those with limited website development experience, as its tools are intuitive, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a mobile web presence then Forbe s recommends Buildfire, thanks to its ability to sync with the popular apps many web users favour, can inject in-app social networks, and you can also add custom HTML to really make the site your own.

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Personal Task Management Software

If your idea of personal task management is a desk calendar and a stack of post-its then it might be time for an upgrade! Personal task management software can help you to focus on what’s important and stay on top of your schedule. It’s a great way to stop you from feeling overwhelmed, and to organise your schedule in one place (removing the paper and the clutter from your working environment). Things is one of the most popular personal task management sites on the market, thanks to its beautiful design and ease of use. It enables you to see all or just part of the task you are working on, ensuring that you don’t get bogged down by unnecessary details. It’s the ideal option for the easily overwhelmed. If you’re looking for a more hands on task management approach then look to Magic, which operates a virtual personal assistant, not only taking care of your task management but also your schedule and alerts. With this software system in place, you’ll never have an excuse to forget anything again!

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