Escape rooms are seriously exciting games that thousands of people love to play, though they’re not yet widely known. They’re not exactly sweeping nations out there or anything, but maybe they should be. These fun games are all about being locked inside a room and having to solve puzzles and perform team exercises to find your way out. The thing about these games is that they’re safe and fun for people of all ages. A lot of people like rigging up their own homes with escape games, though there are entire large professional facilities where the family can visit and play.

The thing about going to a large facility, like the one at, to play an escape room game is that you get many more rooms, many more themes, and much larger rooms that can offer a lot more activities within the game. These large spaces can host entire teams of people, and these teams can compete against each other to see which can escape first. This is a very cool and unique idea, but not all escape rooms are the same. So, what should you expect to find in a great room?

Great Escape Room

What Makes an Escape Game Room Great

The Right Ambiance

The first step for any escape rooms that want to be labelled as “great” would have to be the ambiance. One very cool aspect of these rooms, especially if you find them at large facilities, is that you will also find a very wide range of themes. Enchanting, medieval rooms with dragon themes, and zombie-themed survival rooms that give you a certain time limit for escaping, and so much more.

Challenging Puzzles

Another crucial aspect of a great escape room is that the game actually be challenging. It’s not like you’re just going to look around randomly and find a key and then get to escape. You may have to go through a variety of obstacles, and you may end up having to solve a few complex puzzles. The best rooms will really make these games challenging so that you have to play as a true team and focus on playing to the strengths of your team while also as a cohesive group. These are a few elements of a room that’s challenging, and it’s the challenge that makes the rooms great.

The “Game” Feel

How is the game going to actually feel? There are some rooms out there, and many set up at home, that merely place puzzles around in certain locations and require you to solve them. This might be good, wholesome fun for a night at home, but if you’re going out to find a game room at an actual professional facility, then you definitely want something a lot more involved and not so simplistic. What you’re going to be looking for is true ambiance and atmosphere here. You want a full theme that maybe even has some set design pieces and possibly even actors playing roles, so that you’re inside of a real environment, not just a sterile room.

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Large and Spacious

Another aspect here of a great room would be how large and spacious the room is. After all, the odds are good that you will not be playing this game by yourself. You’re going to be bringing your family with you, or a team of at least three or more people. Especially if you’re playing competitively, you place a lot of focus on team-building and getting really good at navigating these game rooms, and so you’ll want a larger, more complex game room that not only provides more fun for you but also allows you to move around comfortably without being stacked on top of one another.

Whether you’re playing the game with your family and younger children or playing with your friends as a team to go against other teams, escape rooms can provide a whole lot of fun in a very safe, exciting and affordable environment. It’s a great way to make that proverbial escape, as you’re planning to make your escape.

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