The first execution of a transgender woman in US history

transgender woman in US history
Amber McLoughlin / Social Media

A transgender American woman convicted of murder became the first person to be executed from this gender identity. This marks an unfortunate, yet historical moment for America.

At 6:51 pm this evening, the Department of Corrections in Missouri confirmed that Amber McLoughlin (aged 49) has passed away at the Diagnostic and Correction Center located in Bon Terre.

Fox 2 Now reported that McLaughlin’s fate was sealed with a lethal injection.

This year, the United States executed its first transgender individual on death row – making history in a devastating way. McLoughlin became the first inmate to face capital punishment this year and his execution marks an incredibly sorrowful milestone for our country.

In 2003, McLoughlin was found guilty of murdering her former partner in a community on the outskirts of St. Louis. Not long after this fateful event, she changed her lifestyle and embraced religion.

In 2006, the jury determined that McLoughlin had committed murder; however, they were unable to decide what punishment she deserved. Consequently, the court judge interceded and imposed a sentence of death. This kind of intrusion by judges is accepted in Missouri and Indiana.

The counsel for McLaughlin ardently sought clemency from Gov. Mike Parson to convert her capital punishment into life imprisonment as the death sentence was not approved by the jury in her case.

It is alleged that McLoughlin’s childhood was unsteady, and she experienced mental health issues.

High-profile individuals, including Missouri Representatives Corey Bush and Emmanuel Cleaver, showed their support for her cause.

In an appeal to the governor, defense agents revealed that McLaughlin had suffered from inhumane physical abuse and torture at the hands of her father.

Recent reports have suggested that McLoughlin had started to transition in recent years, though she stayed within the cellblock designated for male inmates sentenced to death.