Instagram is a super-massive memory bank. Four hundred million users view and deposit images and video in realtime every single day.

Natural disasters, protests, political speeches, music concerts and sporting events are just some of the moments forever captured and stored for prosperity. Events like the world cup and the launch of SpaceX are recorded and bring in billions of views on Instagram. The world is changing before our very eyes, and every second is being documented. How many times have you wished you could have gone back to some of the most famous events in human history just to see what they were wearing, saying and doing. Well, our future generations will be able to do precisely that. Instagram would be a mash-up of poorly organised content and would be challenging to navigate if it wasn’t for its famous hashtag system. That brilliant idea effectively organised the entire online library of images and video for the world to browse at its leisure.

Slowly, Instagram is starting to become the main threat to the video content god that is Youtube. Instagram, with its bite-sized video format, is incredibly digestible.

Video is the king of content, and the heads of Instagram are starting to feel the pressure from platforms like Snapchat and Periscope, who are all vying to be number one in the space. Video is becoming a battleground for these types of tech companies and the one with the better quality content, with the most efficient search engine will prevail the winner.

Instagram still operates a 15 second time limit on its video recording app but plans to expand this may be wise in the future. They are already rolling out video editing tools like Hyperlapse and more are to follow.

Will Instagram become the television network of the future?

As viewing habits start to change and people consume more and more video content online, its likely Instagram will transform from a platform designed to share to more of a creative suite of tools designed to produce entertainment.

If you take advantage of these tools, they can elevate you and your music to the forefront. You can ride the waves of this digital revolution. However, you need to be on the platforms that matter now and into the future.

Instagram is vitally important and to get views on Instagram is no mean feat. One of your options is to buy views on Instagram. Automatically you are making an impression on new eyeballs that may not have been looking for your music directly, maybe they couldn’t find you amongst the thousand other #postpunkera hashtags, for example. Buying views on Instagram is nothing new and should be a vital part of your marketing plan.

Will Instagram knock Youtube from its perch? If it does, you had better be there. If not, I’m sure the event will be recorded.