How to choose your ideal car?

This question is extremely common in all people who wish to obtain for the first time or renew a vehicle that meets all our needs and, more importantly a car that has a long service life.

The reality is that there is no exact answer that allows us to choose an ideal car, not all people in the world have the same needs, tastes and most importantly money or budget.

The questions you must ask yourself to have a clear idea of what you want in a car are the following:

– What kind of use do I want to give it?

– How can I create a personalized car?

– What budget do I have for the car?

– Availability of spare parts or accessories of the car?

– How much fuel does the car consume?

What would your personalized car look like?

It may take time to find the perfect car. After all, you want a vehicle that meets your needs and style. Whether it’s a car for the whole family or low-consumption engines that cut auto insurance costs, we’re all looking for something different. That made us thinks. Imagine how your customized vehicle will look like herewith that fits your needs. How would your perfect vehicle be, what would be its characteristics?

To inspire you, we came across some car designs created by Chill Insurance. Their campaign #VillainCars reimagined how even our favorite villains all have a car perfect for them . This might inspire you to think that you will be able to find a unique, stylish and user-friendly vehicle with equipment that perfectly matches your personality too.

Discover some of inspirational style of personalized car from the following images.  

1. Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones – Aston Martin DB11

Aston Martin DB11

Cersei Lannister is a ruthless and ambitious Queen who needs to showcase her wealth in a beautiful car that many can only dream of having, for this reason an Aston Martin is the perfect car.

Throughout Aston Martin’s history they have been through times of triumph and times of crisis, just like Cersei Lannister, but they always come up on top producing quality cars. You may be wondering, why the DB11? Well, this car marked a new chapter for Aston Martin with a twin-turbo 5.2-litre engine it is a powerful drive, with a fresh clean style.

We’ve used the House Lannister colours of red and gold along with the lions head and the motto ‘Hear Me Roar’, so there’s no denying whose vehicle this is. The vehicle is finished with gold trimmings, fit for a queen.

1. Joker, DC Universe – Lamborghini Huracan.

Lamborghini Huracan

We all know The Joker as a calculating, psychopathic killer, but it’s his self absorbed characteristics that make him stand out from the others, so he needs a car that stands out too. Being a fan of gadgets and a master inventor we feel the Lamborghini Huracan is the perfect match due to its popularity for custom tuning.

There’s no denying a Lamborghini Huracan gets heads turning whilst on the roads with its famous shape and often flashy colors, but even this won’t do for The Joker. So, we have modified the vehicle to feature his famous red mouth, green hair, white face, and purple suit. He’s often laughing at his enemies expense, so we’ve included this, along with his pack of cards, to really make it his own.

3. Ocean Master, DC Universe – Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron

Ocean Master, known as Orm is a menacing pirate and half-brother to Aquaman. In early versions of his character Ocean Master relied on gadgets and equipment to fight enemies, and the Bugatti Chiron uses innovative technology to enhance performance and develop a sophisticated design.

This car was chosen based on its look and feel, with a slimline, smooth finish we imagine it could flow through the water, whilst the door surround resembles gills. In our interpretation we have redesigned the spoiler to represent Ocean Masters mask. We went with purple for the main body, along with black and red for added features.

What type of transmission do I want (Manual or Automatic)?

If you answer these questions carefully, you can be sure which car to buy for you and your family.

The saying of “good, beautiful and cheap”, implemented by most people in the world, does not always apply in the case of cars, because it must be based on the premise that always a vehicle will mean maintenance and care according to the use, as well as, the repair or replacement of parts can depart from the expectation of economic savings that we had at the beginning.

The first thing to do is to compare different brands, models and even visit more than one dealer of the same brand, in order to know different characteristics of each car and know how to choose the car that best suits all our needs. This works if you want to renew or if you want to get your first vehicle.

It is also essential to compare the technologies and equipment that your car brings. There are some very necessary and others not so much, it depends on your situation, budget and tastes. However, there are some important features that are indispensable in all cars.

Another fundamental aspect is to verify if cars have a good airbag system in case of accidents. And, it is possible, a disintegration system, so that the impact is also cushioned in the event of a crash.

At present, the high cost of the vehicles and their respective spare parts, makes it necessary for us to consider the acquisition of automobile insurance, which allows you to drive calmly and without worries at any time and place. In the event of an accident, repairing your car and that of the other people involved can be extremely expensive, but, owning a car insurance, it will take care of all the corresponding expenses. Also, you will have immediate assistance availability with any inconvenience that the vehicle presents, thus providing more confidence and driving support.

It is no secret to anyone that modern and sports cars are the delirium of almost the entire world population, but, if you consider all the aspects mentioned above, you can make a perfect choice that suits all your needs