Music is often looked upon as a means of entertainment; something to pass time if you have nothing better to do; something that is but natural to listen to when you’re in a car or cooking dinner.

Yet, what everyone fails to understand is that music has a much deeper meaning than what everyone assumes. It is so much more than a disk revolving round and round in the CD or DVD player. Music is, in fact, is a medicine, a motivation and even a prompt that makes us do some actions.

That being said, it becomes quite evident that music holds a lot of power over the human mind. Even if the majority of human beings do not admit it, music is one of the few things that can stimulate a reaction out of almost everyone. It is thus, one of the best things that humankind has made.

And here are a few reasons that prove this claim:

  1. In very crude terms, music is an expression of emotions, in general. Every song that appeals to our senses does so because it appeals to our most active emotions. So someone who easily gets emotional will often like slow, sad songs that bring tears to the eyes. Someone who is in love will feel the romantic songs and so on.
  1. Music is like a companion. Whenever you’re lonely, you can always turn on some music and move to the beats. Or just sit and listen as the beats play. It takes away the boredom and gently lifts the mood. Besides, if you’re ever lonely, you know there is at least one singer out there who has gone through exactly what you are going through and recorded multiple songs on it.
  1. Studies have shown that hearing mixed audios often helps the brain cells work faster. They have also shown that if a person sings something to himself or herself or if a person does something while listening to music, it is a highly possible chance that the next time they hear the same music, they will remember that action. This is how music is also linked with memories.
  1. Music is a narrative. It tells you stories, narrates incidents, breaks and joins hearts, seduces one into falling in love, and is a language that everyone worldwide understands.
  1. Music is the representation of a culture. All the folk songs that talk about history, about the past, present and the possible future, actually represent the culture and belief of the people. It is thus, a representation.
  1. Music is a motivation. When you feel low and don’t know what to do, you can hear motivational songs or songs that inspire you to get up and do something about your situation. In fact, not even an entire song, just some music with beats that pump in energy is enough to get back on track.
  1. Music can help you out during a depression. Studies have shown that listening to music increases the amount of dopamine that is produced in the brain. This increased amount of dopamine makes music an ideal choice for using it on someone in pain or depression.
  1. Music is a craving. Because it increases dopamine levels in the brain, and dopamine is what makes a person addicted to something, music also has the strength to get a person addicted to it. In fact, that is so often the case. People get addicted to a certain song, a certain beat or just a certain line that they cannot get rid of.

Thus, music forms an integral part of our lives. This is why companies like Ekmixmaster are providing services like music mixing and mastering services for artists of various music genres in order to provide beautiful music for the common public to listen to. Such websites and companies have set up new standards in creating appealing music, curated mainly for the interests of the people.

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