The amount of data used in business due to the spread of the Internet and IT is increasing. Backing up the business system is essential in carrying out business such as trading quotation, order ordering, inventory data, information exchange with e-mail, etc.

So, where are these data used in business?

Data exists in the “business system”, but in more detail it will be “written on the disk used by the business server”. Data exists in a physical “form”, and there is a danger that data may be destroyed due to various factors.

There are quite a variety of factors that cause data to break.

– Human error (deletion error, update error, file mismatch, misspelling, misunderstanding, …)
– Hardware failures (physical obstacles, aged deterioration, defects, …,)
– Software failure (bug, competition / compatibility with other software, difference in specification, …,)
– Viral infection
– Disaster (blackout, fire, theft, earthquake, condensation, thermal runaway, …)
– Crime (intrusion, tampering, bringing out …,)
– Other
It is impossible to prevent these many factors by 100%. In order to protect business data from such risks, it is necessary to duplicate the data and store it physically in another place, which is called “backup”. Data loss can be a risk in the current society which carries out business using electronic data exchange and e-mail etc. Therefore, data protection using backup software is a low-cost risk hedging method.

Also, in order to minimize the risk of business downtime, it is also important to protect the system (OS and application set up) that will be a means of using business data. In addition to “data backup”, there is also “data recovery” that recovers all deleted data.

Risks due to data loss and system outage

Joyoshare iPhone Data RecoveryIn the unlikely event that something happened, such as a system failure, data can’t be recovered due to “backup” not being done, if the system can’t be resumed quickly, what kind of loss can be considered by the company?

– Important documents on business are gone, sales activities are suspended
– In order to improve the efficiency of corporate activities, not only accounting and inventory management but also IT management, sales support, groupware, communication tool, IT resource improvement and many more.

– Loss of social trust due to suspension of transactions, suspension of services, etc.

– And so on…

Today, smartphones are used for more purposes, are no longer used as mere communication devices. In many ways, this device can replace the role of a PC or laptop and when we talk in the context of business, smartphones are as important as laptops. Smartphones are one of the modern business data storage devices along with the release of new types with more embedded features.

If you are an iPhone user you need special recovery software

If you are an iPhone user, you might find that recovering lost data is more difficult than when you use an Android device. Most software is not designed to recover data on Apple devices and for that, special software is needed. We have worked on several software and from several trials we can conclude that Joyoshare is one of the best iPhone Data Recovery Mac providers. Its recovery software can restore almost all known files; contacts, photos, videos, pictures, PDF documents, Excel documents and many more. With it, you don’t need to worry about the various risks of losing data on your iOS device.

Joyoshare overcomes various scenarios

Joyoshare overcomes various scenariosVarious scenarios of damage or loss of the data above can be handled by the iOS data recovery software. This software works in three modes that can be used as needed. One of the very interesting things about this software is that you can secure data remotely through iTunes backup. There is always the risk of your iOS device missing and for that Joyoshare provides a fast, reliable solution.

No fewer than 20 types of files can be recovered

Most recovery software can only handle less than 10 different files but Joyoshare moves further. They are able to recover no less than 20 different files, making it one of the few complete software.

Very easy to use

Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery useWhatever your educational background, using Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery software is very easy. Broadly speaking there are three simple steps for that; connect iOS devices to computers, scan their files and recover them. As simple as that!

More features

There are various features that you can get; fast recovery speed, full range of compatibility, 100% safe recovery, free lifelong upgrade, highest recovery rate and flexible recovery. All that you can get for less than $ 50! If you want to try without spending a penny, Free Trial is available.

Recovering data is very important because data is a description of all our activities on our computer devices. iPhone, iPod and Mac are sophisticated devices that require special treatment. You can’t eliminate all risks but by using Joyoshare, at least one of your problems can be resolved.


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