Restaurant businesses grow larger and it creates tight competition. There is no other way except improving services and facilities to satisfy visitors. One way to improve services and facilities is by installing a pos system for restaurants. The main purpose is not only to serve the visitors but also to manage the transactions fast and accurate. As the result, your restaurant runs effectively and maximally. The list below gives you some recommended POS systems for restaurants.


It is important to install a POS system which compatible with Android infrastructure because most people use this system. To accommodate your visitors to get more access to your restaurant as well as to help you manage the transactions well, you can use Toast POS system. This system gives your visitors more access to the things they want including nightclubs, pizzerias, bars, and chains. The system is not only serving the visitors but also give more benefits to the restaurant in which you can manage the restaurant better than before. Even, you are able to learn the customer’s loyalty and staff efficiency. By learning the detail you are able to reduce cost as well as to improve customer service. The features are easy to use and you can easily customize the menu just like what you need. The system provides you with daily performance indicator and it will be sent via email. This feature helps the restaurant owners or managers track the performance of their staffs and kitchen efficiency. Indeed, a great POS system for restaurants.


How about if your customers are iPad users? It doesn’t matter at all because you can support your restaurant with TouchBistro. Because the system is easy to use, this POS system is not only suitable for restaurants but also cafes, nightclubs, and even food trucks and bakeries. The system helps you to serve the menu to the visitors fast. At the same time, you can also take their order, receive their payment, and manage the checkout fast and in high-level of accuracy. It helps your staff to manage orders and accept payment efficiently. The visitors are able to pay in three different payment options including PayPal, Square, Apple, and Xero. The features support complete important restaurant management system including sales report, accounting, staff management, and inventory. The system is managed well so you can check it anytime you want to know it. The important data is also protected well along with the high-tech security system. The menu is designed along with different color codes, lists, and images to make you easy to check the detail.

Harbotouch Bar and Restaurant

Another POS system for restaurants you can use is Harbotouch Bar and Restaurant. The technology and features included in the POS system are designed for small or big restaurants and bars. It is considered as a recommended pos system for restaurants because of the system in the best restaurant Point of Sale system in the USA. The best part of using this system is that you can manage the monthly service fee well and it is flat. The features are friendly enough for bars, restaurants, fine dining, nightclubs, and breweries. It is also suitable for delivery services such as pizza delivery service and any kind of fast food delivery services. The developer is offering free installation, training for the staff, suitable for online reservation, and free menu build and printer paper.


This POS system support digital system for restaurants including digital menu board. The menu is used to help transaction and order quicker. The payment process can be done easily with several payment options. Interestingly, you can also customize the platform and connect it with third-party applications. As the result, the visitors are able to find your restaurant and order their favorite menu. The developer provides you with training process for the staff so they can operate and serve visitors right away.


For those who want to use a compatible POS system for restaurant, you can use Square POS system. Restaurant owners love to use this system because it is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. The system gives great features and you can get the sales report if you want it. Moreover, you can give your visitors important information including receipt and barcode scanner by printing it, SMS, and email. Restaurant owners are using this POS system because it shows the cost transparently so they know the real cost from the beginning.

In conclusion, running a restaurant business is not as easy as you can imagine. There are a lot of things to do. A specific technology such as pos system for restaurants helps to manage the business a little bit easier for a more efficient result.