She left $34 million. These are the details of Ivana Trump’s will

The biggest beneficiary outside of the Trump children may be Dorothy Carey, who worked with the Trump family for decades as nanny and then assistant to Ivana and has been close to the family for years. Carey received an apartment in Florida valued at more than $1 million

These are the details of Ivana Trump's will

“Forbes” magazine uncovered the extraordinary details of Ivana Trump’s will, which intended to divide her wealth among Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric. Additionally, she bequeathed two properties to her close friends while also attempting to gift a third property to Rossano Rubicondi – sadly he died prior Ivana so it was unsuccessful. Despite this unfortunate circumstance, President Trump still gained something from his late wife’s estate despite attending the funeral shortly after.

As reported in the magazine, Ivana’s estate includes a townhouse just half a block from Central Park in New York City. Her heirs are currently attempting to sell it for 26.5 million dollars and split that sum equally among themselves as per their mother’s will.

According to the magazine’s report, Dorothy Curry – who had served as a nanny and assistant for Ivana Trump and her family over many years before remaining in close contact with them — was likely the main individual outside of Donald Trump’s own children that benefitted significantly from his estate. This included an apartment worth well over $1 million located in Florida.

Ivana’s estate also consists of some international property, and in 2021 she presented a real estate asset located in Saint-Tropez to her friend Evelyn Gallet, an unfamiliar individual.

Ivana willed all of her clothes to the American Red Cross and Salvation Army, except for any fur garments which she instructed should be sold with the gains given directly to her three children.

With the Internal Revenue Service, you can receive up to $12 million tax-free upon inheritance! Anything beyond that amount will be subject to a 40% taxation rate though.