The bottom line is – it takes effect in a few days (results are not immediate). Then, the results last for a couple of months, so you will need to repeat the process within three months. Having said that, it is time to share five things no one would tell you about getting Botox in Cardiff.

First, you need to understand that Botox is a neurotoxin that millions are using today, to maintain a younger look. Who does not want to hide the wrinkles around his or her lips and eyes? Botox can make you look at least one to five years younger than your actual age. Yes, it is an injectable treatment, and there may myths about it, but it is time to debunk them. Over the past decade, Botox and other aesthetic treatments have evolved and improved to near perfection.

1 – It feels weird, not bad

In the first few days following the inaugural dose, you will feel a vague heaviness or dullness across the brows. That is because the dose limits the muscle contractions that lead to the folds. In the beginning, it does feel funny. After a while, you get used to it and it becomes very normal with time. The muscles adapt to exaggerated expressions.

2 – The results show after a few days

You should not expect immediate visible enhanced effects. Using Botox in small quantities gradually reduces the lines on your face without looking crazy or artificial. Usually, it can take up to four to seven days before Botox takes full effect. Once the results begin to show, they are glorious and you feel so elated. You feel confident and better about your looks. However, you will want to re-up the Botox before it wears off completely and before the wrinkled lines begin to return. This is why, once you use Botox, you should be ready to continue to use it.

3 – Botox Could Cause Headaches

If you think Botox does not or may not cause headaches, think again. It is better to get under the needle knowing what could come next. For patients who have migraine, we give them ample guidelines to prepare them for possible headaches. There is proof that after the first time with Botox, clients experience a headache. There usually is some anxiety for first-timers. Another tip is not to make blunt expressions that can cause wrinkles after the treatment. If you frown too hard, if you raise your brows too high, if you smile with big eyes, it could cause a headache. In addition, it would be a relief to know that once this is over, the headache risk passes and you can make all kinds of expressions with your facial muscles without a headache.

4 – There would be bruises

Keep in mind that every skin type reacts differently. While some people may not experience bruising and reddish-blue spots post Botox, some people do. You will not know what to see if you are a first-timer. The aesthetician would not be able to predict this either. Whenever a needle pierces your skin there will be some spotting for three to four days. By the seventh day, everything will settle.

5 – Using ice after Botox may hurt

Some people recommend using ice to calm the skin after the Botox injection. However, although ice is a temporary anti-inflammatory remedy, it does not help in this case. Instead, use a good gel or try using an opaque concealer to hide the blotches. Studies prove that applying cold ice can inhibit the effects of Botox, and you would not want to do that after going through the treatment. Therefore, it is best to listen to the experts who do Botox in Cardiff.

What do Experts offeringBotox in Cardiff Recommend

1 – Schedule your Botox treatment well before any vacation or special event you have plans to attend. Experts offering Botox in Cardiff recommend getting the treatment at least 2-weeks in advance.

2 – Discontinue the use of any blood thinners like Aspirin, Gingko, Cod Liver Oil, Garlic, Motrin, Vitamin A, and C, etc. Also, discontinue medicines like Retin-A at least 2-3 days before the treatment.

3 – Avoid alcohol, high caffeine consumption, and high sodium foods, high sugar foods, spicy foods, and cigarettes.

4 – If you catch a cold or have rashes, treat them before the Botox treatment.

5 – If you previously had laser, facials, micro-dermabrasion and such procedures, wait at least two weeks before getting Botox.

If you have made up your mind to get Botox in Cardiff, rest assured that you would get the best services. One final recommendation is to do some research and make sure you are ready for the Botox treatment.