The size of your garden fountain should be the top of your checklist. Giant fountains may look amazing, but if you don’t have space for it it will simply look like an eyesore. If your garden is small, it makes much more sense to install a small fountain than trying to cram a large one into too small of a space. The fountain shouldn’t be the main focus of the garden. Or at the very least, the garden should enhance the fountain if you want the fountain to be huge. It’s absolutely vital to pick the right size outdoor garden.

The shape of the fountain is the next step of consideration. The size of the garden is less important in this situation; what’s important is your own style preferences. Determine what fits best in your garden, as well as what you think looks the nicest. There’s a wide variety of garden fountain shapes out there. You can find animals, people, flowers, the list goes on. Choosing which shape you want might be the most difficult step!

Once you’ve decided on a shape, the type of water fountain flow is your next step.

Bubbling fountains are best suited for the large majority of home gardens. This is generally a single jet of water which is shot up from just below the water surface. The water bubbles over the edge and flows into a basin below. The basin collects the water and recycles it to clean it and continue making the fountain flow. These fountains are generally smaller and best for intimate spaces. They don’t make much of a sound, but the bubbling can be incredibly relaxing.

Spilling fountains shoot a stream of water from a spout. These are the stereotypical “animal spitting water” type fountains. Make sure to take a few minutes to listen closely before you buy one of these fountains. They can be rather loud. If the space is too small, even a single water arc can create enough noise to become obnoxious.

According to Outdoor Fountain Pros, jet fountains can be amazing if you have a large space. These fountains easily become the main focus point, since they tend to be large and loud. However, you can also find some styles that use small-scale jets for smaller spaces. Since the water hits in multiple droplets rather than one thick stream, jet fountains aren’t as loud as spilling fountains.

The last thing to consider is whether you want a seasonal fountain or a year-round fountain. If you’re in a colder climate, especially if it gets cold enough to freeze, you’ll need to shut your fountain down come winter time. Just like inside your home, the water could freeze and the pipes might burst. You may even need to bring the fountain inside. Year round outdoor fountains are generally heated in some way, such as electricity or via solar power. These can be quite amazing, and it can be enjoyable to sit outside and watch your fountain while snow piles up around you.