In this article we would be discussing a few things about the inversion table which are essential to consider before buying it. If you want to buy an inversion table then there a few things which you should keep in mind. There are too many choices available in the market, the most necessary thing is it should be cheap and in your budget. It should have a good quality with all the advanced features. Let us have a brief look in this article what you should look for while making the buy.

FDA Certification

There should be nothing which should come in your health’s way. So it is our suggestion that make sure that the product which you are buying would provide you all the necessary benefits. An FDA certified inversion table is recommended to buy as it follow all the rules and regulation which are must for your health.

Third party recognition

Third party recognition is a sort of approval from other sources which are reputable and have trustworthy name. as like most of the product this sort of product doesn’t have any prescribed government standards for it. So, a third party gives it recognition if they follow the guidelines or specification which they prescribed.

Product Comparison

When you are buying any product, it is recommended that you compare several products which are available in the market to know pros and cons of each product distinctly. So, it is suggested that you a detailed comparison of those inversion tables which are quite much similar in price. It would always help you get best product. Even sometimes a product looks good but doesn’t have any real thing in it. It is advisable you just don’t make decision of buying any product just by the looks of it because everything that glitters is not gold. If you are choosing inversion table then you should think of posture and health. It is essential you buy something which would benefit your health after comparing several products.

Key features

There are certain key features which are essential for an inversion table to have like usability, enhance benefits so you should look for those models which have these features in it.

  • Ergonomically design: the inversion table should have some handholds attached to it for extra stretching and decompression.
  • Ankle System: This feature is designed so the patients or individual who uses it can get maximum comforts while using it. It also provides ease of use so that your bending’s and workout can be more comfortable.
  • Accessories: they can be free water bottle or some pillow or guard sort of thing which is included in the package. It also gives you an edge if you have supported accessories with it.
  • Heat treated steel: it is essential that you buy steel material inversion table and that too which is treated with heat for long and better life.
  • Auto locking hinges: this is one of the must to have things so that your bed doesn’t get separated from base during the work out.