Whether you’re a gym-goer, hit the beach frequently, or love your shower at home, quick-dry towels must have to reduce drying hassles, wet messes, or damp smelly towels in the winter days when there is no sun.

The towels don’t just dry fast but are absorbent and soft on the skin too. If you consider buying towels, especially online, it is essential to keep a few things in mind and check online stores like Wovii Towels.


This is an essential factor, especially when purchasing online, where you cannot physically see or feel the product. Don’t forget to read the product descriptions carefully. Look for microfiber (Polyester) towels. They dry way faster than cotton and are absorbent too.

Though you may be tempted to choose a plush cotton towel, bear in mind that the dense cotton loops take forever to dry. However, go for thin cotton or cotton blend towels that use innovative construction techniques and are quick-drying. Read the product description and manufacturer’s label carefully for details before buying.

Consider the Weight

Another critical parameter to check out while buying towels online is that the towels’ weight is typically depicted in grams per square meter or GSM. Generally higher the weight, the denser is the towel, and dense towels can take longer to dry. Choose lightweight towels of 400-600 GSM. They are the best as far as their drying ability is concerned.

Look at the Cost

Quick-dry towels cost slightly more than regular cotton towels. There are different types of quick-dry towels like beach towels, microfiber towels available at stores like Wovii Towels. They are compact and lightweight, especially for hiking and camping trips.

Other materials like poly-cotton blend are pretty reasonable to the pockets for home use. Choose the one as per your personal preferences, needs, and budgets.

Wash Properly

Remember, quick-dry towels are all about comfort and less hassle, so make sure the ones you are considering are machine washable and don’t require any special maintenance.


Proper care and washing can extend the life of your towels and maintain their softness and absorbency. Some tips for towel care include:

  • Don’t wash towels too frequently. The use of detergent and fabric softeners reduce their absorbency and softness. Let them dry naturally after use.
  • Avoid leaving your towel out to dry for too long. Quick-drying ones tend to dry pretty fast. Leaving them out for too long can damage the fabric.
  • Give your towels a good shake after use. This helps absorbency.
  • Don’t iron the towels.
  • Make sure to wash the towels with plain water before the first use.
  • Avoid letting the towels come in contact with skin-care products. They can bleach and stain.

Check the Size

Buy the proper size depending on who will be using it. If you’re buying one for kids, a small towel would be fine. Small towels are easier to dry, more compact, and dry quicker than oversized towels. If you are looking for the towels for general use, consider buying a standard size suitable for adults and the kids. Buying the right size makes your towel perfect for use by anyone in the family.

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Return Policy

Whether you’re buying towels or anything else online, a vital factor to consider is the returns policy.  It is important because you cannot see or feel the products online. Therefore, if you buy something and it doesn’t turn out to be quite as expected, you should return it without any hassle so that your money isn’t wasted.

So, next time, if you want to buy quick-dry towels online, it is crucial to keep the above points in mind. That way, you won’t end up getting something that doesn’t fit well with your requirement.

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