There are a lot of estate agents out there. Many are knowledgeable, savvy and resourceful and put those talents to work for the good of their clients. Others however, never seem to live up to their own hype. The key is finding the former type and avoiding the latter. In order to help you do that we present 6 things you should always look for in an estate agents in Leytonstone.

1. Experience –

Agents sometimes resort to a bit of legalese in order to present themselves in the best light. For instance, you may read on an estate agent’s website that they have more than 4 decades of combined experience. Sounds pretty impressive doesn’t it? But if you think about it “4 decades of combined experience” could mean one person has 30 years’ experience and there are 10 others with a year each. Never accept marketing claims at face value.

2. Market Knowledge 

No matter how much experience your estate agent has you want to be sure they understand the market they work in. The best way to determine their market knowledge is to do a bit of research on the area and then ask them a few questions related to that specific market. A professional will expect questions and answer them without complaint.

3. The Ability to Listen

The best estate agents are listeners. They pay attention to what you’re telling them about your budget, your tastes and your concerns and select properties that dovetail with what you’ve told them. There are, however, plenty of estate agents out there who simply wait for your mouth to stop moving and then try to sell you something you don’t want.

4. A Strong Network

An estate agent cannot be successful if they don’t cultivate a strong network of local connections. And by that we mean lawyers, people in the building trades, other agents, local architects, interior decorators and more. Working with an agent who has the respect and confidence of the local community is always a plus.

5. Communication 

With some estate agents getting them to ring you back is like trying to get a cat to fetch the newspaper. They’re off, submerged in their own world and only surface when they have something to tell you. If you want to discuss something with them your phone calls tend to go straight to voicemail. Don’t work with anyone who won’t take your calls.

6. A Professional Countenance

You don’t want your estate agents looking like they spent the night sleeping in the doorway of The Holly Bush. A professional estates agent needs to move in an expansive social circle and seem right at home no matter where he or she goes. So if your prospective agent is sporting blue hair and nose piercings you’ll probably want to try someone else.

Your home is the largest single investment you will likely ever make. In order to ensure you wind up with the home that is right for you you’ll need an experienced, professional estates agent on your side.