When the sun rolls around, and the weather is warm, it’s only natural to plan a family beach day! What better way to spend your summer days than making sandcastles, splashing in the waves, and tossing a ball around?

Although a day at the beach with your little ones may seem like the perfect picturesque setting, things can quickly go south if you don’t plan accordingly. In order to set the scene for a perfect day, you need to come prepared for the worst. Here are some of the essentials that you should always bring on a family beach day.

Protective Wear

In addition to a swimming suit, you should also bring protective gear. The sun’s rays can reflect off the light sand making your little one’s eyes especially susceptible. To protect their eyes, you should bring sunglasses, as well as brimmed hats, to shade their faces.

Also, consider bringing a few lightweight, long-sleeved shirts in case the temperature starts to cool as the sun sets. If you have little ones who aren’t yet potty trained, don’t forget swim diapers! Nobody wants any floaters while they’re enjoying a nice dip!


The idea is to come home from a day at the beach with smiles, not sunburns! Children’s delicate skin is especially susceptible to sunburn, regardless of whether they have a darker complexion or not.

You should always apply plenty of sunscreen throughout the day on the entire family. Don’t forget to reapply regularly, even if it’s waterproof. You should apply SPF 30 or higher if possible. It helps to buy sunblock specifically marketed towards kids since it will avoid stinging their delicate eyes.


Although it might be tempting to grab juice boxes or sodas to put in your cooler, restrain yourself. Sugary drinks increase your chances of dehydration. Water is the only way to go in hot weather. Fill plenty of water bottles full of ice so that they melt and turn into chilled water.

Also, bring plenty of icepacks in your backpack or cooler which will prevent them from melting too quickly,


Bring plenty of towels to the beach. Even if you only thing you need a certain amount, bring double that. You can never have too many towels when you’re bringing multiple kids to the beach! 

First Aid Kit

Bumps and cuts happen at any moment, especially when you least expect. It’s vital that you pack a first aid kit for any unanticipated boo-boo’s.

No need to bring the whole medicine cabinet. Bandaids and antiseptic spray should do the trick!

Beach Tent

If you’re going to a beach where there isn’t any shade, you’ll need to bring shade of your own. A beach tent is the perfect companion for a day at the beach.

You can keep your belongings stocked inside, so they don’t overheat, as well as provide a cool refuge when the sun gets too intense.