We live in a society that is unsafe. Despite government efforts, thefts and burglaries are common. According to reports, about 3.7 million burglaries occur every year in the US, and a large part of these happen with people inside.

Things are not very different in other parts of the world either. Let’s consider New Zealand where 107,321 burglaries occur every year with only 9.5% of them getting resolved. The number is as low as 13% for cases reported in the US.

This shows just how bad the conditions are, and your best bet is to take matters in your own hands and make your house safe and secure to live in.

Experts believe that you can reduce such incidents by being secure and alert. To help you in this regard, given below are five tips on how you can make your home more secure.

1. Install a Security System

You can protect your home by installing a security system. Now, a security system includes several things from cctv installations to better locks.

It will not only give you peace of mind by protecting your house, but also increase the chances of the culprits being caught even if they are able to break into your property.

This is done with the help of latest CCTV cameras that do not only record everything but also upload videos directly to the server so that there is no risk of burglars being able to eradicate proof.

Moreover, latest security systems also come with alarms that send an alert in case someone tries to tamper with the system or your door locks. They do not only alert the home owner, but can also be programmed to make a call for help to the neighbors or authorities.

2. Lock All Windows and Doors

Give thieves no way to break into your house by keeping it locked. Double check all doors and windows before you go to bed. This is important because about 80% of all burglaries happen at night.

If the locks are broken or weak, make sure to get them replaced as soon as possible and use the latest locks that are difficult to pick.

3. Get a Dog

Dogs can provide you with great security. They are good at protecting properties and can cause serious damage to anyone who tries to break into the property.

Some good breeds for this purpose include German Shepherd, Bullmastiff, and Great Dane.

4. Build a Protective Layer

Protect your home by building a boundary around it. You can install a fence or build walls that are difficult to climb. This will not only help reduce theft, but can also provide you with privacy.

5. Build Relationships With Neighbors

This might sound odd to some, but this is important for the safety of your house. In a large number of cases, burglaries are reported by neighbors and not the victims.

If you are friends with your neighbors, they will keep an eye on your property and inform you or the authorities in case they see anything out of the ordinary. Hence, building relationships with people around you can help a great deal.