The very idea of losing weight is an intimidating prospect. But if you do find yourself recognizing the fact that you need to take steps to get healthier, but are struggling with what those steps are or how to go ahead and take them, at least take comfort in the fact that you’ve done the first part. Identifying an issue is the fast step in resolving it. Now that you’ve understood that you need to get healthier, you can start thinking coolly and logically about how to best go about it.

Here, we’re going to talk about simple steps. Not technical ones. Not huge ones. No fanciful quantum leaps. Just 3 simple, logical things you can do right away to help get looking and feeling healthier – and losing some weight.

We’re going to talk about the foods and drinks you consume – eradicating bad habits, essentially. We’re going to talk about exercise, from a dip at your local swimming pool to a walk around the block. And we’re going to talk about remaining enthused about the idea of losing weight – something that 62% of adults in the UK should be doing.

1. Consumption

The single best way to lose weight is to eat less. The issue then is how to do this responsibly, and then how to keep it up. In fact, something that often goes unsaid is that it’s easy to lose weight. The difficulty is doing it in a healthy way, and then maintaining it over an extended period of time.

So our advice is not to overcomplicate it, and not to overdo it. Focus instead on 3 essential principles as you lose weight through your eating and drinking habits:

  • a) Have fresh fruits and vegetables as the main part of every meal. Drink more water.
  • b) Eat smaller portions, fewer snacks. Don’t be unrealistic with portion size – it’s no good cutting down so much on portion size that you end up giving in to hunger pangs in a sudden, late evening blitzkrieg of crisps and biscuits. Just do better than you’re currently doing. So smaller portions, but enough of a meal to carry you through.

To help avoid snacking, why not take up a hobby? It could be chess, knitting, crossword puzzles. Keeping the brain and hands occupied is a great way to keep food off the mind.

  • c) Avoid the bad stuff! Think of it this way: every time that you would normally reach for a chocolate digestive represents an opportunity to lose a little weight. All those calories add up and, yes, each biscuit – or Coke, or sugary tea – takes its toll. So the next time you feel tempted by a bourbon or rich tea – that’s your chance to make a difference and resist.

2. Activity

Putting the same principle to work, focus on doing more than you are currently. That way, you can be sure that you’re making a positive difference. The ultimate goal should be 3 occasions of demanding physical activity a week. Of course, that’s just not realistic for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be going for a walk more often each week, or going to the swimming pool once a fortnight, or even having a round of golf if that’s something you’d enjoy. Keep it practical, achievable, regular and beneficial. You’ll soon see the difference.

3. Motivation

Perhaps the most difficult part of all this weight loss is simply keeping it up. There’s no silver bullet here, but the best advice is to focus on activities and behaviours that can realistically become habits. That means doing things in a way that isn’t too laborious; practices that you can both enjoy and look forward to, and things that are easy to incorporate into your routine or schedule.

By taking simple steps towards weight loss, you’ll be better placed to take big, long strides towards a healthier, fitter and happier you.