As a pet parent, finding employment in a company that has take-your-dog-to-work days is always a welcome development. This policy allows you to skip dog daycare and pet sitting services on days when you need to work late. Plus, being near your dog can help you lower your stress, especially during particularly demanding days in the office.

But this privilege also comes with its own set of complications. The dogs can get noisy and serve as a distraction, or there may be employees with allergies or phobias triggered by dogs. In addition, the dogs can potentially damage the building by chewing on various office items, and the company has to make arrangements and add facilities that will make the dogs more comfortable in an office setting.

As a dog owner and company employee, it’s in your best interest to make sure that your dog is in his best behavior when you take him to work with you. Here are some of the things you can do so that you and your dog will have a productive day in the office:

  1. Take a good look at your office’s pet policy. Check when your dog can visit the office and the places where he can go. Is the office environment safe for dogs? Does the building have facilities just for pets? Also, take note of the places where your dog isn’t allowed to go to or stay.
  2. Make sure your dog is well socialized. Bringing an aggressive or easily agitated dog to a place where he’ll meet a lot of other people and dogs spells trouble. This can mean spending an entire workday with a bark machine beside you, breaking up a dog fight, or dealing with injuries and property damage. Aside from socializing your dog, make sure he is easily identifiable by giving him a personalized dog collar with a tag that has your contact details on it.
  3. Complete or update all his vaccinations. This helps ensure that your dog is in good health and that he is neither susceptible to infectious diseases nor is a carrier of one.
  4. Pack the things that your dog needs while in the office. You want your dog to be comfortable even if he’s away from home, and you also want him to have something to do while you’re busy with work-related stuff. Bring a few of his favorite toys to keep him occupied, a leash when he needs to walk, and a bed and his favorite blanket that he can use to rest and relax.
  5. Schedule toilet breaks and walks. Help your dog deal with excess energy by walking him before entering the office building and every few hours after that. Your dog can use this time to relieve himself, or you can introduce him to your officemates and their furred companions. In any case, be prepared to clean up messes by bringing your cleaning kit with you.
  6. Prepare a space beside you for your dog. Keep your dog beside you at all times and find someone who can be responsible for him in case you need to leave for a short while. If your office has penned areas just for this situation, use them. Letting your dog wander unsupervised around the office can lead to him getting lost or hurt.

Make the most out of your company’s pet-friendly policy by being a responsible pet owner. If you’re taking every step to make your dog as ready for work as you are, then you’re doing your part in keeping this policy in place, improving your office environment, and looking after your dog’s well-being.