It is no secret that the right kind of lighting could transform the entire ambiance, tone, and ambiance of your wedding, regardless the situation. It is also no secret that the wrong kind of lighting could kill the moment completely. When done right, the lighting can help to make every detail appear more noticeable, appear awesome and the right kind of illumination could help to those details to come under the spotlight.

It is no secret that having the wrong kind of lighting could kill the moment completely. Hence, it is important that you work with the right wedding decoration company.  Harsh and bright lights with overexposed settings could ruin even the most beautiful looking bride. In order to ensure that all the aspects of your wedding appear flawless, just as you do, here are some of the tips and tricks. It may sound strange but lighting actually has a great impact. You should consider lighting as the jewelry of space, something as a certain mix you would add to your wedding outfit. The best appearing lights can make your reception an unforgettable one.

Here are some tips on how you can plan your wedding lighting.

Choosing the Wedding Glow

If you love candlelight, but your area has a strict policy of no open flame, or you simply want to string hundreds of tiny twinkle lights over the tables outdoors, but kind of lack outlets, this makes an expensive idea. However, your lighting must match your wedding venue and budget. Right before you choose a specific illumination style, make sure that you consult a lighting designer. Probably, you may have to bring in specialists for the lighting, since the venue may not be offering this service. Engaging a professional in this case definitely has its perk. You can both see the space of the venue and recommend suitable ideas that match the venue, hide sore spots and more. Most experts also make suggestions that you show them some before and after pictures of some lighting settings that you prefer.

1. Go for Up Lighting

You could have up lighting as a technique in which their placement is on the ground, this aims at projecting the light off the wall or at other objects in the venue. This lighting method helps to illuminate some elements and also enhances the complete aesthetics of the room. You could ask your event planners such as Let’s Celebrate Events to focus light beams at speakers during speeches or use accent lighting in some areas of the wedding venue.  Keep in mind that the lighting could also spread out in a way to create the effect of a wash of color.

2. Consider Gobo Lighting

Keep in mind that Gobo is an acronym for “Goes before Optics,” which is quite a popular form couples choose in event and wedding lighting. Gobo is a unique kind of lighting, a stencil that slides over the source of light and projects an image onto the surface or wall. Usually, wedding decorators use these to project dates, monograms, and other designs, patterns that suit the theme. This form of lighting decorates plain appearing walls and adds some fun element to space. From the groom initials to a typical starry night appearing sky on the ceiling, gobo lighting is a great one that adds a good variety of class to the entire event.

3. Go for Natural Lighting

When searching for wedding venues, you should think more like an estate agent, is natural lighting a good feature? Should the windows be wide to allow in more light? Before you finalize a venue, be sure to pay attention to the natural lighting aspect, something gentle and gorgeous that your photographer would use wisely to transform the look of your photographs. It could be hard in other venues with narrow windows, but if that’s the case, you can take a handful of photos in the least light. At such times, if cozy and dark is really your thing; there some great ways photographers could create masterpieces from the smallest shaft of light so make sure that you choose them.

4. Be Bold and Brave

Who says you must restrict your lighting arrangement to just the stage and aisle? You should consider being bold and brave! Choose something different such as bold chandeliers, hanging lights, colorful lighting from DPL, low and bright tone lighting and you have so many other options to choose from for your wedding décor. You could also have tiny colorful lighting in a bottle, or search for wedding lighting trends you need to know. If your event takes place outdoors, you can have paper lanterns as the popular light source. Paper lanterns can help to create a dream-like atmosphere that helps to keep the mood playful and light as well as tranquil and romantic.

5. Avoid Dull Lighting

Keep in mind that down lighters are more like the work of the devil. If you do not want to appear like a Halloween mask on your big day try to avoid standing under the spotlights during the photo session of your wedding ceremony. However, if you do wish to add some lighting effect, you can consider asking your lighting experts for more flattering lighting, which helps to add a vibrant, touch to photographs and the entire event in general.

For the best lighting effects, it is advisable that you consult your event planners. Discuss the options they have in store for you regarding the lighting effects, style and color contrasts.


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