Whether you’re planning a big birthday bash or a simple wedding anniversary celebration, there are certain things that you should take care of to get your event ready. Choosing the right day in the right weather is what will entice your guests to come. Selecting a menu for your guests with certain dietary restrictions should be considered. Entertainment is a must to keep your guests engaged throughout the event. Even finding tables and chairs for rent or hire is equally important as all the things. But probably the most important of all these is the decision about the venue.

If you have planned to throw your memorable event outside your home or office, the venue will be the most important part of your decision-making. The whole concept of the event must be planned in concert with the venue, after all. The theme, the seating arrangements, the space, and your budget are things you should not forget too. You can’t have a grand engagement party in a small, cramped space and neither could you have a business mixer at the beach. So in this post, let’s take a look at what you need to consider when choosing the right venue for your event.

Theme and fixtures play an important role

Choosing a theme for your event is very important. The theme is going to decide all the other decorations for your event. Once your theme is fixed, then you can plan all the other decorations and fixtures for your event.

Along with the decorations, you will also have to rent or hire chairs and tables for your event. The party tables and chairs and its decorations could even be considered among the most important fixtures in any celebration. After all, where would your guests sit? Finding tables and chairs for rent or hire requires careful selection as service providers have the know-how in what kind chairs and tables fit every event and every theme. These providers will help you decide what your party needs, seating-wise.

Seating arrangement

Seating arrangement

After selecting your theme, planning the placement of tables, centerpiece, chair covers and linens will be the next item on your list. Once you have planned the seating arrangement, preparation for your party should probably be 50 percent done. Your event’s seating arrangement depends on the kind of event you are going to have as well. Seating can be easily arranged if you’re planning a business conference as you can accommodate long tables in larger spaces to accommodate more guests.

Aside from seating the guests of honor, long, rectangular tables are seldom used in more social gatherings as they take up a lot of space; however, small, circular tables are apt for almost all kinds of parties, especially in smaller venues, as you can place more tables to seat more guests. These are ideal as guests can sit in groups and socialize with each other and enjoy the party. In terms of chairs, plastic monoblock chairs may be affordable but are more suited for laid-back events like family reunions or church outings. Wooden or steel chairs add a bit of character to your seating arrangements, especially in engagement parties or wedding receptions.

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Choose according to space

The chairs and tables you rent or hire must be planned according to the space that you have in your venue. But before that, you should have an approximate number of guests attending the event. This should help you decide the number of chairs and tables that you need to hire.

Consider your budget

Another important aspect you need to consider is your budget, before choosing to rent or hire tables and chairs. Instead of renting a lot of chairs, you can go for a scattered setup and place loveseats or sofas and coffee tables placed in different parts of the venue. This type of arrangement will not only save you money but will also facilitate more interaction among the guests in your event. Since there will be enough space for people to move around, people would be more likely to move from one corner of the venue to the other to meet acquaintances and friends and have fun. Again, your budget will help you choose the type and brand of tables chairs you would need to rent or hire.


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