Tips for Raising Cash Quickly

You may have recently lost your job or faced unexpected bills. Irrespective of your challenges, what is certain is that you require money. Unfortunately, when faced with a financial emergency, many of us are usually caught unprepared. To help you out of this fix, here are some tips that can help you raise cash fast.

Borrow Money or Take Loans

When in need of urgent cash for emergencies, you can turn to friends and family. They can help in times of need. However, you must ensure you find ways to pay back quickly. Not paying back quickly can affect your relationship. Additionally, you can consider taking loans to help offset your emergency. One such loan you can consider is e-transfer payday loans which are faster than other types of loans. While taking loans can be a quick fix, it is vital to ensure your repayment capability. This ensures you don’t run into more debts.

Consider Side Hustles

If you are out of work, a good way to get back up is to consider selling your services. There are several jobs that you can consider like starting a dog-walking service in your neighborhood or helping pet-sit or babysit for your friends or people in your community. Data from Ziprecruiter shows that as of September 14, services like babysitters are paid an average of $17.95 per hour in the United States.

If you can’t deal with kids or dogs, you can provide services for washing cars, mowing grass for your neighbors, or even driving the elderly around you for a doctor’s appointment. If you enjoy driving, you can sign up to be an Uber or Lyft driver. You can also go grocery shopping for older adults or busy individuals or repair and paint dilapidated fences.

The amount you make would be determined by the number of jobs you take and the amount you charge. If you can’t find people who need your services, you can sign up for a job via websites like Thumbtack or TaskRabbit, or if you are skilled, then consider Freelancer, Upwork, or Fiverr.

Convert Your Assets Into Cash

If you are strapped for cash, you can consider converting your asset into cash. There are several online platforms where you can try selling your items like eBay and thredUp. You can also consider selling off your gadgets such as game consoles, laptops, phones, tablets, big screen TVs,  and media like games, books, CDs, and DVDs on marketplaces like Swappa, uSell, Gazelle, and Declutter. You could also consider posting them on Craigslist, X platform (formerly Twitter), or Facebook Marketplace, place an ad in your local newspaper, or pedal them to your family or friends.


When you find yourself in a financial emergency, there are several options for raising cash that you can consider. One such option is taking a payday loan. Whether you choose to borrow money or take loans, take on odd jobs, or sell some of your belongings, you must remember to create an emergency fund after recovering from your financial distress.


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