Going to work each day can be a difficult task. Not only do most modern jobs have at least a moderate amount of stress associated with them, but now more than ever, the workforce is more sedentary and less active. And while this means that there aren’t as many jobs out there that are causing a lot of physical harm to people on a daily basis, sitting at a desk all day can be just as harmful to your health, just in a different way. So to help ensure that you’re not in pain after work every evening and for the rest of your life, here are three tips for reducing the pain that’s associated with sitting at a desk all day at work.

Get Support For Proper Sitting Posture

A big part of reducing the pain the many people feel from their desk job has to do with making sure you’re sitting properly during the day. While we’ve all heard the term “ergonomics”, not many people actually know what it looks or feels like to sit in an ergonomically correct way. According to Michael Reid, a contributor to Spine-Health.com, when you’re properly supported in your back, much of the pain that comes for being seated with diminish. Once you’re putting the majority of your weight on your sitting bones rather than on your lower back, you’ll feel so much tension release from your back, neck, shoulders, hips, and so much more.

Lift Your Screens

One way you can get yourself to sit up taller and have proper posture while you’re sitting is to lift everything up that you’re trying to see while seated at your desk. According to NerdFitness.com, the screens you’re looking at should be eye-level so you can look straight ahead at them without putting any stress or strain on your neck. If you’re having to tilt your head to look down at your screen, try propping your screens up higher either with some type of hardware meant for this purpose or simply by putting them on books or boxes that will allow your monitors to sit at the right level for your height and eyes.

Take More Breaks

Although you’re going to have to be spending the majority of your day at your desk doing work, Susan Hall, a contributor to Health.com, shares that it’s vital to your health and wellness that you take breaks throughout the day. At least once an hour, find a reason to get up from your seat even for just a few minutes. Whether you’re running to the bathroom, grabbing a healthy snack, or even just stretching out your limbs and muscles, taking a break and changing positions can work wonders for any pain building up in your body.

If you feel pain from sitting at a desk all day long, consider using some of the tips mentioned above to help reduce that pain now and forever.