There are numerous preparations to complete before the arrival of a new baby in the house. This can be a challenging endeavour, especially for first-time parents. While you want the best for your child, it is easy to go overboard in your preparation or feel lost because you are unsure of what is necessary.

First things first, of course. Your baby will need a nursery. Ideally, a separate room should be filled with all the baby’s requirements and other helpful items for your convenience.

Once you have an area ready, it is a good idea to have it well prepared before the child’s arrival. Here are some top tips on how to set-up your newborns nursery.

Avoid Clutter

Make sure your nursery has plenty of storage space. To ease your experience, you can have specified areas or drawers for different items such as nappies, toys, books and others. You will need to be able to find and retrieve these things quickly.

Sometimes, you may even have to access them while one-handed as you may be carrying your baby. Be sure to keep your nursery as tidy as possible, maintaining clear floors, especially. This is because you will likely be handling your baby at all hours during the day and night so avoid all tripping hazards to keep you and your child safe.

Even if you get a lot of child supplies, not all of them will come into use immediately. Items for the future should be placed in the storeroom for the time being. Keep your nursery functional by having things you will use frequently easily available.

Focal Points and Arrangements

There are various ways to set up your nursery space. A good idea is first to identify a focal point. Typically, this will be your baby’s crib, but other furniture can be used, such as a window seat.

Having specific uses for each area can help out with organisation and routine-building. Have space for your child’s sleep and play areas and another section for storage.

Prepare stations such as changing, nursing, and sanitation stations. You might also want to have another space designated for you and your spouse to rest in. A comfortable chair with a throw pillow and blanket will easily do the trick.

Stock Up on Necessities

Of course, you will need clothes, milk, nappies and many other things for your child. Have these stored away or easily accessible depending on how often you will need them. Keep diapers at the changing station, for example, but have a toy or pacifier in easy reach nearby, along with some spare clothes.

You can elect to keep your baby’s pram or stroller in the nursery too. Otherwise, a baby capsule is one of the most useful things to have in your nursery. They can be used to easily transport your newborn from one location to another, regardless if it is just between rooms or to and from the car.

Washable Surfaces

One of the best things to do with your nursery is to arm it with washable surfaces. This lets you clean up easily should accidents happen.

Besides floors and walls, you should also invest in baby accessories that are similarly simple to clean. This will include your baby chairs, prams, baby capsules and the like.

Artificial Nighttime

As we know, babies sleep a lot. Help your child have a pleasant slumber by making the nursery mimic nighttime. Using thick curtains will do the trick. You can also have ambient lighting in addition to nightlights. Having darkness at the ready can also help you take some time off and rest.

Theme It Up

Compared to the other tips, having a theme and corresponding colours for your nursery may seem a bit frivolous. However, you will be spending a lot of time here, and your baby will be raised in this space.

So, it should be decorated in a pleasant and conducive manner. Using a theme will help to produce a more cohesive environment and will be an interesting addition to your home. It can also be stimulating for your child and can easily be converted into a big kids room when the time comes.

Add Personal Touches

The nursery can be a reflection of how much the baby is loved. It can be decorated with the gifts given to them or other family heirlooms. Put in pictures of family or other knick-knacks. Old toys, quilts or clothes can be used as well.

As your baby grows older, you can rope them into decorating the room as well. Having them finger paint some wall art can both entertain the child and add a unique touch to their nursery.