Tips To Attract New Customers to Your Business

Tips To Attract New Customers to Your Business

There is a saying, no customer no business. For a business to grow and increase sales, it needs to market itself properly and attract new customers. To some businesses, marketing and advertising may be a problem. However, with the tips below, you can attract new customers to your business and keep the old ones.

1Improve your Online Presence

Do you have an online presence? Are you interacting with your customers on social media and your website? Chances are by the time you are reading this; you probably have an online presence. You are also perhaps well aware that people are spending more time online checking out products than visiting stores to window shop. Therefore, increase your use of social media to converse with clients and potential clients. Google Adwords is also a major online advertisement tool to attract customers to your business to get the best ROI you could look around for some AdWords management services which is key if you want to get the most out of your paid ads budget. Online advertising works best if your business has a website. An online presence improves your business’ prospects of attracting new customers.

2Know your Business and Industry

Are you familiar with the saying, know your sh*t? Well, the saying applies here. Customers want to buy products from a business that fully understands its goods or services. A thorough understanding of your industry and products will help gain consumers’ confidence in what you are selling. Potential clients will be interested to see if you can answer their questions with facts. The more knowledgeable you are about your product, service, and industry, the more potential clients will seek your assistance. Additionally, ensure you employees are also experts. Conduct training sessions and be up to date with the latest and the best products or services in the industry. Be aware of industry changes too.

3Request for Referrals

Word of mouth referrals by customers is the oldest form of marketing. Despite that, it remains the most trusted and effective methods of bringing in new clients to a business. It takes time but it works. A happy and satisfied customer will always spread the word about your business with family, friends, relatives and neighbors.  The referred customers will want the same experience as the customer who referred them to your business. To attract even more new customers, ask your clients and encourage them to share their experience on social platforms. Social media is a major tool and it will not only reach those who are in your customers’ circles but also strangers who are looking for the same experience. Word of mouth marketing is the cheapest way to attract new customers to a business.

4Reward Customers

Another low-cost tip to attract new customers is by rewarding your current customers. Free stuff, discounts, and other great deals attract clients.  Such rewards are always an opportunity to save money and enjoy a service for a lot less.  Moreover, discounts entice customers to buy more than initially planned. Today, most businesses offer daily deals. Offering discounts and rewards to your present customer will publicize your brand and reach thousands of potential customers. Additionally, make your customers feel important and wanted by remembering their preference. Give your clients discounts and deal on products or services that they like. This simple gesture will make them feel important and build trust.

5Take Care of your Employees

Employees are the face of a business to a customer. They represent your brand and deliver experiences to customers. If a customer gets rude treatment from your employee, they will not want to come to your business for assistance again. Even more detrimental, the customer will share the experience with other customers and hurt your chances of attracting new customers. Therefore, it is vital to ensure your employees are happy and find pleasure in their job. Your staff are the ones who have direct contact with customer, and if they are not happy, your customers will reflect it. A few ways of making your employees happy are giving them good perks, employee rewards and discounts, bonuses, promotions and other benefits. Make your workplace fun, challenging and safe for your employees.


All the tips listed above are guaranteed to work. However, only if you put effort and time into making them work. You also need to be patient as marketing and getting new customers takes time. Don’t just use one tip, combine all of them to get the best results.

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