Are you dreaming to be a vlogger, open your own YouTube channel and have millions of subscribers waiting for your videos? Then what are you waiting for? Get everything ready and kickstart your vlogging career. If you want to be a serious vlogger, there are some things you need to prepare. Besides a unique idea that distinguish you with the other video bloggers, you also have to prepare a great camera.

A camera is the soul of vlogging so you need to be careful when you choose it. You can read reviews by Clever Vlogger to find some recommendations on the best vlogging camera. But if you are still not sure what kind of features you want for your camera, you can read these following tips first.

Their are some features which you should look for and are also found in vlogging camera that youtubers use:

HD Recording

Video quality is the most important thing when making YouTube videos. No matter how good your content and idea is, if your video is blurry, no one wants to watch your show. So, if you have the limited budget and you need to sacrifice some features, you can let go of everything but this.

For vlogging purpose, make sure to get a camera with HD video quality. 720p resolution is actually pretty good. But with the presence Ultra HD 4K video, even 720p has become pretty obsolete. If your viewers watch your show from smartphone, tablet or laptops, HD ready video is more than enough. But when the video is displayed on the large screens, like the TV, this is where the difference will show. Since 4K ready cams are still pretty scarce and also expensive, it is best to go with Full HD 1080p.

Great Microphone

Besides the quality of the video, crystal clear and crisp audio is also one of the most important components that will make your viewers stay loyal to you. Most cameras have the built-in mic that can capture audio but for vlogging, you definitely want the best built-in microphone. If you are looking for a camera with mic, make sure the mic is front-facing because it will capture your voice perfectly. Besides, if the mic is located somewhere else, it is going to be very uncomfortable to hold the cam.

While built-in mic is more than enough, an external microphone can be an even better option. If you want the absolute best audio quality, make sure the camera has an input to connect to an external microphone. This way, you can easily choose which mic you want to choose according to the situation of the recording.

Optical Image Stabilization

Optical image stabilization is a great feature, unfortunately, its presence will make the price of the camera more expensive. So, if you are not sure whether you should get it or not, try to determine the style of your vlog first. If you only need to sit and talk to the camera, for example, beauty bloggers or video reactors, then stabilization is not really necessary. However, if you record a traveling vlog where you have to constantly walk and move, this feature is a must-have. With OIS, your video will not be shaky and blurry even if you move a lot.

Great Low Light Performance

Many people think that this feature is not really necessary, especially for those who do the recording outdoor. But the truth is, low light performance is one of the most important things every vlog camera should have. Without this, the frames per second rate of the video will be reduced during low light condition and the outcome is not going to be good.

If you record indoors or you often make a vlog in the dark, your camera will be pretty much useless without this. But even if you often record outdoor under the sun, it is still going to be a helpful feature since you can’t really figure out whether the weather is going to be sunny all day.

Built-In Wi-Fi

With built-in Wi-Fi, you can upload your videos directly from your camera. Even though as a vlogger you definitely want to edit your video first in your computer, add some effects and make sure it is presentable, built-in Wi-Fi is still a great feature to have. Instead of using cables to transfer the videos from the camera to your computer, using Wi-Fi will be much more convenient.

Weight and Size

It might sound trivial compared to the other features above. But considering the weight and size of the vlogging camera is also very important. Once again, you have to consider what kind of videos you want to make. If you are a travel vlogger, holding big and heavy camera definitely will not be comfortable and can even affect the quality footage. There are many great cameras with compact size so don’t limit your choice only to the bulky ones.