5 Tips to Decorate Your Fireplace in Unique Ways


A fireplace is not only a practical object; it can also be decorated in unique ways to make your home look more beautiful and inviting, for you as well as guests. You can deck up your fireplace in various styles, from traditional to modern, and use everything from family photos to art objects and your choicest collections to give it your own personal touch. Here are some tips to give your fireplace a unique look with these decoration ideas.

1Choose items having a connection

When you choose objects to hang above your fireplace or to keep over your mantelpiece, you should choose items that are associated by a common thread. Do not crowd unnecessary objects on the mantel. Add a personal touch with old books, pottery or sculptures. However, these should be related in some way – such as being the works of the same artist or a color theme or a similar texture theme, etc. For items that are unrelated, choosing them in a single-color palette can connect them.

2Make it a Showstopper

You should use just one prominent object to improve the role of the fireplace. You can hang an art object over the mantelpiece or a big mirror.

  • If you want to create a style that is more casual, prop the art piece over the mantel that leans against the wall.
  • Ensure that the piece is big enough and can balance the space on the fireplace.
  • For a high enough wall, place the hanging item near to the mantelpiece.
  • Alternatively, you may attach it with the fireplace in order to avoid it looking unrelated and without a purpose.
  • If you have furnished the room in a simple style, it is best to opt for a minimal design for your mantel. However, if your room is big with too much furniture, a minimal mantel could make the room look empty.

3Use 3-D Objects for Layering

You should get items in varied sizes and shapes to make an interesting decoration Start the arrangement by putting taller objects to the back of your mantel. For visual energy, you can use objects of differing heights. Use objects of varying sizes and heights for layering, but leave some breathing space to avoid a cluttered look. Get some small pieces to complement the larger pieces. However, you should not place too big an item against very small objects; else the latter might look gobbled up.

4Look beyond your mantel

You should not restrict the decoration of the fireplace simply to the space over the mantel. Also, spare some attention on the firebox and the hearth. Fill up your firebox with white, fresh birch logs during the warm months and plug the dark hole in the room. You can stack the logs longitudinally from the front to the back, so that the cut end faces you. You may even consider placing them in an almost standing posture, to make the logs slant to the rear side of your firebox.



The type of arrangement over the fireplace should be based on your personal choice. You can use an asymmetrical or symmetrical arrangement. With a symmetrical arrangement, a visually satisfying and elegant appearance can be ensured. The use of asymmetrical arrangement is popular in contemporary decors and can bring a balance between objects of varied sizes and shapes. You may find the best electric fireplace and read buying guide here

It is important to maintain proper balance and not place all items in one line. Use vertical elements to balance the horizontal ones, and smaller items with a large or tall one.

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