If you have a dog you love very much, maybe you know how difficult it is to leave it when you have to travel. If you are on vacation without your pup, no matter how enjoyable it is, spending that time without your cutie in the picture can be very hard. But, why leave your loving pet at home when you can bring them with you? There are several things you need to take care of though, but it will all be worth it because of all the happiness you’ll feel when you take a trip and bring your dog as well.

Nothing without visiting your trusted veterinarian

You will only know if your dog is healthy enough for the trip if you pay a visit to the vet. If you already take them to regular checkups, this should not be a problem at all, and it is going to be quite quick. If not, maybe more work should be done. You should know things like whether your dog is up to date on important vaccinations, and you should let the vet treat them in case something bad occurs. If your dog has motion sickness, the vet will help you deal with this problem.

Enough dog supplies should be purchased

You should definitely buy enough food, not just for yourself but also for your dog. Buy things they like the most and buy as much as you think you have to. The food is not the only concern here, there are other things you should bring as well. For example, toys your pup likes, comfortable blankets and other stuff… A good thing is that you can get dog supplies online and don’t have to waste time going to the store. You will certainly easily find useful things to carry with you for your cutie.

Dog Holiday Trip

A good dog crate will be great!

Adding contact information to your dog’s leash and collar is important, and you should do the same with the travel crate. If you do now own any, it is time you invested in a high-quality one. It will make trips with your dog much easier. You need a hard-sided, collapsible crate that will provide enough protection for your dog during the trip and later on. Don’t buy something your dog can break out of if they’re feeling nervous.

A practice trip can be helpful

If this is your dog’s first time taking a longer trip, this tip is going to be very useful. You will see how your dog will react and whether there are issues, for example if your pup suffers from motion sickness. This is when you can also acquaint them with a dog seatbelt harness (something you should buy, because it is a really good investment). Your dog should definitely get used to it and you should be patient if things do not go smoothly from the beginning. Give your dog treats as a reward and let them see that the trip is a positive thing.

 Be prepared for medical issues as well

Do you have a dog travel first aid kit? Anyone who travels with their canine friend should have this. If there is an unexpected emergency on the road, at least you know you will be prepared and equipped to deal with any issue that occurs. Bring things like wound compression wraps, gloves, gauze, scissors, tweezers, hand sanitizers and antiseptic rinse. A muzzle is also a good idea in case your dog bites themselves (they do this when they are injured). Also, if some medications are in the picture, include them as well.

Maybe this all seems like an overwhelming task for you, because there are these things you need to think of when you want your pup to accompany you during your trip. Yet, just imagine how much fun you can have together and you will not have to miss your pet at all, worry about the pet sitter or whether your pup is handling the separation well! With just a little work, a great time is simply guaranteed!