Having an excellent sound system in our car is one of the things that we really want to have. For most people, the main factor when choosing their car is the audio system. They want to have a car stereo with good quality sounds. The better the sound, the longer we enjoy our ride.

Tuning your car audio system with a custom car stereo installation can improve your music listening experience immensely. It not only adds value to your car, it also improves the resale value when you are thinking of selling it in the future.

There are different factors that affect how you sound in your vehicle. Here are some tips on how you can improve the audio performance on your car stereo:

Choose a powerful amplifier

Amplifiers are not just for loudness; they also provide clarity of sound and refined bass response. The more powerful an amp you choose, the more impactful it will be on your listening experience. Buy a car audio amplifier from Autobarn that is powerful and will boost quality and clarity of sound while enhancing bass response of your speakers.

It is advisable to use an amplifier with a minimum power rating of 50 watts or more. This will allow you to hear every part of the music clearly without any distortion. However, if you want to listen to loud music, then it is best to use an amplifier with at least 200 watt power rating.

Make sure that the amplifier has a high-pass crossover setting so that it can filter out low frequencies which will not be able to produce sound waves properly with the small speakers installed in your car. The bass level should be adjusted according to your needs by using a knob on the front panel of the amplifier. A turnable knob should be provided so that you can adjust other controls as well.

Check your connections

The most common source of bad sound is a loose cable connection, so make sure all your input/output devices are firmly connected to your stereo and that they’re positioned correctly. If you’ve moved any wires around recently, re-check them now.

Tweak the equalizer settings

This should be done in conjunction with tuning into the right stations. You want to enhance how the music sounds, not change it altogether. If you’re using a subwoofer, turn off the subwoofer boost feature and drop the bass to a suitable level — there’s no need to overdo it here.

Invest in good speakers

The speakers in your car determine how you’ll experience the music. If you have a top-notch stereo system, then you’ll get a better listening experience than someone whose speakers are on their last leg.

Tuning Your System

Get your system tuned if you have access to a professional that can do it. If not, you should be able to find a software program that will help get it tuned. These programs adjust the settings on your amplifier, crossover and equalizer. You’ll want to spend some time adjusting the different settings in order to achieve the best possible sound performance.

Adjusting Your Speakers

It’s also important to adjust the position of each speaker. They should be at ear level and pointed directly at you so you are getting the best sound quality possible. Every car is different, so make sure you take some time to figure out exactly what needs to happen with your own system.


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