Music makes our life brighter and more colorful. Sad or funny, classic or modern — it doesn’t matter, it still somehow influences our mood, and you can’t argue with that. Did you know that there is a connection between music and human character? It turns out that by the favorite music you can determine the temper and level of intelligence of a person. How exactly can this be done?

Scientists have found out: based on the musical tastes of each individual, you can judge their mental structure, energy, character, and talents. Each person is different, but the general trends are seen in everyone whose favorite music is the same genre or style. When looking for your soulmate, take a close look at the musical preferences of one of the Asian brides you might have recently met. After all, the energy of a person makes them listen to their favorite music, again and again, to make up for the lack of emotions or, conversely, pour them out with the help of music.

Types of Music and Energy

Remember that it is about the favorite music, not the one a person wants to listen to at the moment.

1.   Contemporary Music, Soul, Rap, RnB, Hip-hop

Modern genres are dance music or pop music, which is dominated by electronic sounds and numerous vocal parts. People who like these genres the most, as a rule, have a calm energy and do not stand out from the crowd. They love to experiment and are also modern, so their luck lies in the ability to negotiate and make quick decisions.

2.   Classic and Hard Rock

These two directions are similar in their complexity: instrumental music, inspiring, multi-faceted, sharp, and in the case of rock, sometimes extremely aggressive. What is most interesting, rock fans are not so often the aggressors. They love this kind of music just because they have a subtle soul structure. Sometimes fans of heavy music are too emotional and get rid of all the negative with the help of their favorite compositions. They are unconventional, creative, impulsive, and disorganized. Their energy is extremely strong, but it is hard to control it. To correct the situation, don’t forget to listen to more classics.

What do classical fans and heavy metal fans have in common?

Experts have discovered many fascinating features when investigating the connection between music and a person’s character. According to their observations, fans of classical music and heavy metal fans have a lot in common. The participants of both groups, according to scientists, are creative people, pleasant, but not very sociable.

The interesting thing is that, according to experts, we succumb to stereotypes when we judge people by what kind of music they like. So, fans of heavy metal music are considered people who are prone to suicide and depression, or people who are dangerous to themselves and society. According to scientists, heavy metal fans can be very calm and nice people.

Country Blues, Relaxing and Calm Music

3.   Country, Blues, Relaxing and Calm Music

Lovers of relaxation, sadness, or romance are those who are very focused and know what they want from life. These people can and know how to compromise, they are diplomats in life. Such musical tastes indicate that a person appreciates and loves art, indulging in creative thoughts in their free time. The energy of such people often requires replenishment, which is what their favorite tracks serve for.

What Kind of Music People With Low IQ Prefer

As studies have shown, the lowest IQ level is possessed by fans of dance music and RnB with experience — that is, those who listen to this music for more than one year. Rap fans have shown themselves to be the most narrow-minded people (no offense meant). But fans of classical and symphonic music showed higher, but not maximum results.

What Kind of Music People With the Highest IQ Prefer

Many will be surprised, but the highest scores on IQ tests are among fans of heavy music and rock. This should disappoint many parents who forbid their children to listen to metal and rock — it turns out that this music can now be considered the music of intellectuals.

Bottom Line

Each of us is a particular inner world, a universe full of original colors. Scientists have proven that music renders our views of the world and our abilities. Human energy and favorite musical genre are inextricably linked and characterize each other. Knowing and understanding this can be a great help when choosing a life partner.

Now you know everything about the connection between music and a person’s character! Of course, this study should not be taken as the final verdict for all rap or rock fans, but still, you must agree that the favorite style of music can tell us something about a person’s temper.