Animated videos offer an excellent way to convey ideas and concepts and get the right message to your audiences. They have the power to create upscale user experience when used in landing pages and websites. The engaging visual graphics can transform any text into dynamic and compelling content that readers will love.

Animation makers offer users the flexibility and intuitive control of the video creation process. Because of the current market demand for animated videos, software developers have designed animation makers with advanced tools that meet the market’s needs. You can now create your animated videos in no time.

Here are the top innovative animation makers you should consider when creating content for your audience.

1. Mango Animation Maker

Mango Animation Maker is the best animation maker that doesn’t limit you to only one style. You have the flexibility to pick your desired style and add all the media you need from the many unique assets in its library, including animation widgets, charts, symbols, SVGs and SWFs, and more.

Mango Animation Maker offers a free version with all the features you need to create compelling animated videos. All you’ll do is sign up and start working on your projects. The edge this software has over the others is that it is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Some of its most notable facets include an intuitive interface, hundreds of pre-designed templates, an infinite canvas, lively camera settings, stunning scene transitions, subtitling and recording, an unlimited multi-track timeline, and speaking dynamic roles. You can check an animated video made by Mango Animation Maker here.

2. Powtoon

Powtoon is a web-based animation maker that specializes in 2D animations. You can create different animated videos using the templates and royalty images provided and download them as mp4 or full HD videos. You’ll also have access to multiple cartoons and character animations. Powtoon allows you total control of your account’s privacy. The software also offers detailed video tutorials for guidance. Whenever you get stuck, you’ll always find support 24/7.

3. Vyond

Vyond allows you to create high-end professional animated videos for promoting your brand and products. It has numerous built-in community features that enable you to get followers, interact, and earn badges. Here, you can customize your dashboard based on the animations you’re creating. You’ll also be able to share your creations across platforms.

Vyond animation maker provides plenty of templates, royalty-free images, and videos to use in your content. You can customize every component before adding them to your videos. Its menu is intuitive and laid out in style to help you create your animations without any difficulty.

4. Blender

Blender is a versatile animation maker suitable for designing animated videos, motion graphics, educational videos, cinematographic visual effects, and more. It offers an extensive toolset for retopology, sculpting, and modeling. It also provides an efficient video editor you can use to customize your projects. If you are a student or have a studio or an agency with no demanding requirements, this is the software for you.

Blender has a game engine feature that you can use to create games. It creates renders using production path tracers and offers robust simulation using libraries such as MantaFlow and Bullet. You can also draw animations directly in 3D and combine both 2D and 3D art.

5. Biteable

Biteable is a fun and user-friendly animation maker. You can use it online to make different animated videos, including explainer videos, informative product videos, and more. It comes with pre-built templates and live-action scenes that help to create highly professional videos to your preferences. With Biteable, you can add colors, photos, sounds, and text to customize your videos. The drag and drop functionality makes the process easy and straightforward.

6. Lumen5

Lumen5 animation maker allows you to create engaging animated videos from content. You just need to highlight the text you want from your article and click the magic button. It is the easiest animation maker that combines A.I. with its drag and drop interface to enable you to design professional videos in minutes.

Lumen5 enables you to turn your content into engaging and impactful videos by storyboarding your ideas and enhancing them with rich media. It has brand presets, including fonts, colors, themes, and more, to help you give the videos the visual flairs they need.

7. Video Scribe

Videoscribe is a versatile animation maker with an easy-to-use interface and quality output. You can produce captivating whiteboard animation videos using the pre-designed templates and embellish them with media elements. Both amateurs and experts can use this software with much ease. 

Videoscribe splits its timeline into a block system to make customization easy. It has a library of elements you can use in the videos. Their support team is available 24/7 to help you when in need.

8. Mixamo

Mixamo is a web-based animation maker for creating and customizing 3D animations even without knowledge of 3D animation. The software retargets high-quality animations to your 3D characters before including them in the videos. You won’t need to reanimate the characters anymore but will only transfer readymade ones into the ones you have. 

Mixamo has a collection of 3D characters that are ready to use. It can set custom characters automatically to the full skeleton. You can download your video animations into multiple formats.

9. Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects can be used on Windows and macOS. This animation maker is used in the post-production processes of video editing, filmmaking, and TV production. It is a digital compositing, motion graphics, and visual effects software for tracking, animation, and compositing and keying. It also works as an audio editor, media transcoder, and non-linear editor.

With Adobe After Effects, you have access to over 100 options for selecting effects, and you can preview your video playback using the Graphics Processing Unit. It is easy to animate titles and edit objects from the video clip. Did you know you can also combine videos and images to create animations using the software?

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10. Moovly

Moovly is another web-based animation maker that helps create videos and presentations. It provides a wide collection of resources, including video templates, video clips, photos, music, and sound effects, with smooth integration with Shutterstock. It is ideal for designing business and educational animations. It’s easy to customize your projects using the built-in toolkit.

Final Words

The animation makers above are ideal for creating professional videos. They have intuitive interfaces that even beginners can master. In no time, you’ll have your stunning video ready and share it with your audience.

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