The beauty industry is worth a whopping $532 billion these days.

And, according to the same source, beauty vloggers have got a lot to do with it! Their tutorials, Q & As, and product reviews generate millions of views and billions of dollars.

If you’re looking to jump on the beauty vlogging bandwagon, then we don’t blame you. However, finding success in this competitive niche isn’t easy. Want some advice on making the best makeup videos possible?

Check out our 5 tips on creating quality makeup tutorial videos.

1. Get a Quality Camera

The video quality of your vlogs makes a mighty difference. Get yourself a decent camera that’ll capture your content in high-definition. Viewers will take your tutorials more seriously and enjoy the viewing experience more too.

Of course, the actual content is just as important.

It’s no good having top video quality but rubbish tutorials! Combine professional-quality footage with unparalleled value in your content and you’re onto a winner.

2. Get the Lighting Right

The lighting is all-important in your videos too. Even the best cameras will struggle in bad lighting.

Thankfully, you don’t need anything fancy to solve this particular problem. Use the sunlight to your advantage! Record next to your window, with the curtains open and light flooding in. Just make sure it’s not too harsh.

Soft and natural light is what you’re looking for.

3. Make Sure People Can Hear You!

Here’s a central rule of any video tutorial:

You need your voice to come across clearly.

Strangely enough, people actually need to hear you in order to appreciate (and learn from) what you’re saying! Run some trials to see how well your voice comes across in videos.

Too quiet? Consider investing in a better mic to enjoy extra volume and vocal clarity.

4. Focus On Your Personal Brand

Focus on your personal brand in your makeup videos. Distinguish yourself from the crowd, show off your personality, and deliver quality at every turn. Be real, authentic, honest, and open.

Respond to comments, ask for feedback, interact on social media, and so on.

Heads up, branding often comes down to the tiny details too. Come up with on-brand YouTube banner design ideas, video descriptions, background settings, outfits, and so on.

5. Remember the Setting

The setting of your vids is key.

Nobody wants to make an awesome tutorial only to realize they left something embarrassing in the background!

Where you film the videos is entirely up to you. The choice should reflect the brand image you’re trying to create, as well as the effect you want to have on viewers. For instance, a clean and tidy background means no distractions throughout the tutorial.

Top tip: try filming in the same spot each time to help build your brand and a sense of continuity.

Time to Create a Makeup Tutorial!

Countless vloggers are out creating quality content in the beauty niche already.

They’re gathering enormous followings and generating serious income in the process.

The result? Lots of competition for anybody starting down a similar path. Thankfully, with quality content, a unique brand, and these makeup tutorial tips under your belt, you can still find the success you’re after!

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