One of the most important things in business is to keep your employees engaged. The more they are engaged with the company or firm, the better for the company.

Thinking of new ways for employee engagement is not always easy. So, to get the right balance and making them feel genuine is important. A great thing that can be done is mixing things between work related activities and rewarding games.

I have listed 10 fun game ideas to engage your employees:

Fortune Wheel

You can assign some targets to the employees and every time an employee achieves a certain target; they will get an opportunity to spin the coveted “Fortune-Wheel”. It will have a number of options in the wheel, which could be anything from some prank prizes to having a day off or a free drink the next evening.

Treasure Hunt

This game brings with it a blast of positive energy with it. It will surely make everyone feel a lot lighter after it and is sure to improve the team work between employees. This game will need you to solve a clue and then go to the next location to get the next clue and so on.  The first team to find the treasure wins it and gets to keep it.

Quiz Games

The Quiz Games can be based on anything from work related things to general knowledge questions. You can give your employees a whole day to figure out the answers. Something that can be done to make things harder and more entertaining is make the quiz image based.


In this activity, every employee is provided with a Bingo card having different targets linked to their daily KPIs. Every time they reach a target, they cross it out and the 1st person to achieve all the targets in the card wins a prize.

Office Golf Putting Set

This is an activity which is possible to play golf individually or as a team. A good variety of activities is a great way of involving all your employees regardless of their academic or sporting ability.

Best Fashion sense

You can organise some sort of a fancy-dress with prizes to have a fun night full of creativity. It will be best if you organise this during Christmas or Halloween to have a nice theme to it.

Compliments collection

Having a good customer review is something to be celebrated. So, if you set up some prizes for the employee with the most compliments for a specific amount of time it will be a great morale boost for the employees.

Bake Off

A Bake-Off game having a prize assigned for the best cake can be a fun thing-to-do. This will give an opportunity to the employees to work together in baking a cake and then have a chill evening while having it with a cup of coffee.

Team KPI events and prizes

Choose a new KPI every other week and give rewards to the best performers. This will help you in building a team culture. Developing team skills make wonders. Working as a team can be motivational and will help your employees to have a better bonding as a team.

•  Hangman

Having a team that knows each other well will help in improving their work output. So organising events and games which will allow the employees to know more about their colleagues will help them grow together. So, Hangman can be a great option for that. It can base on someone’s hobby or secret talent or anything in general which is not known to many of their colleagues.

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