If you’ve been looking for inspiration for your front room and not sure where to start, we have a few pointers to help you along the way. There are many ways to furnish your living room and create a space you’ll enjoy spending time in, with no right or wrong way to do so. Here are 10 living room trends that should help to inspire your own design.

All things Comfort

We could all do with more comfort in our lives, and this trend is a simple one. Filling your living room area with all things comfy, from large cushions, cable blankets, sink-in sofas and nap-worthy armchairs will help anyone enter this room completely relax. To increase comfort, having the right temperature throughout especially during colder months is essential, something a specialist radiator manufacturer can assist with to ensure efficient home heating all year round.

Country Chic

Bring the country cottage look home so that when you can’t leave the suburbs or the city, you can always feel away from it all in front of the TV or enjoying a good book. Floral prints and dried flowers around the room will bring this to life along with soft pastels and exposed wood furniture.

Structured Simplicity

Keeping it simple doesn’t just mean lots of empty space. Instead, the use of simple structuring of your living room will ensure you have more quality throughout rather than lots of different ideas. This can be as easy as having plain walls painted white to focus on a few pieces such as a coffee table, sofa, and chair, drawing the focus to those items.

Curved Furniture

All things curvy can turn this design trend for your living room into reality, from curved sofas and chairs to curved picture frames and lighting. It doesn’t have to all be curved however, so pair up some square or rectangular pieces with soft curves and you’ve got a winning combination.

Laid Back Luxury

Laid-back luxury is all about choosing well-crafted items and ensuring they are practical. The last thing you want is a showroom quality living room that can’t be used comfortably, so choose furniture and décor that you can unwind in and isn’t just for posting on social feeds.

Multipurpose Furniture

Having a fully practical lounge area can mean it is highly versatile and can be used for many different reasons. For those who lack a home office, using multipurpose furniture in your lounge can mean you can turn a daytime work from home setting into an evening of relaxation, without the harsh mixing of office furniture and lounge items.

Statement Art

Filling your living area with the things you love is a given, but rather than photos everywhere you look, consider artwork for some key areas in the room. This can be a large scale abstract painting, for example, or print of a drawing, whichever takes your fancy and provides visitors with a stop and stare moment. Go big and bold or small and interesting depending on the space you have.

Contrast Colours

This trend works by having a contrasting wall colour to the furniture within, matching light with dark that really stands out. A rich, darker colour for a wall that your sofa is against is effective, as well as other visually striking elements such as rich cushion covers that contrast with the seats, ensuring the room doesn’t appear too dark.

Global Travel Inspiration

When you can’t get away, bring the world to you by taking inspiration from your favorite places to visit. Seeking out global pieces of furniture and items will help to bring this idea to life and the use of color to match with the theme. If you have travel photos you’ve not found a place for, why display them as part of a travel-centric living room décor.

Modern Rustic

This is a contemporary choice for those of you who like the best of both, with your modern appliances surrounded by vintage furniture and warm colours. If you can incorporate it, having beamed ceiling features go a long way to help this further.

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