It seems like in 2020, blogging will conquer the entire Internet. Look at any social network out there – be it Instagram or Facebook, and you will see people sharing content on thousands of topics. They write recipes, diets, reviews, and how-tos all the time. They post content and add photos or nice pictures. Are they bloggers? If everyone becomes a blogger today, do you have any chances? Of course, you do.

Whether you already have a blog or looking to enter this sphere, you might believe that this might be a complicated mission that mostly depends on luck. In some sense, you are right, but your chances to reach success will grow significantly after you arm yourself with the tips we have prepared for you.

Blogging needs time

Before you start a blog, be sure that it will eat up your resources. Successful blogging requires time, planning, and dedication. If you don’t have enough free time for blogging as a hobby or source of income, you shouldn’t even start.

Blogging is a lifestyle, not just some everyday activity. You must be tuned all the time! Not only will you have to devote a lump of time to writing, but also keep an eye on numerous additional aspects. Business bloggers usually have to take care of SEO, content marketing, networking, social media, and engagement with readers. 

You won’t get everything done at a high level unless you make it a major priority. We will say even more – commitment is something that distinguishes amateurs from professionals. You cannot become successful at blogging without being absolutely passionate about what you do.

Professional equipment

If you have an opportunity to invest in instruments for blogging, do that. There is equipment that will help you make the ball rolling, and you should get it. Consider buying a good camera if you post photos, get some WordPress plugins, Adobe Suite, hosting package, and other useful software. In a word, if you have an opportunity to invest in your blog, do that.

Mission statement

We know that your heart is burning because you are so passionate about blogging. However, you need to know your aims before you start. It’s nice to have a goal that sounds like “a super-duper cool blog that brings thousands of dollars every month,” but that’s not enough.

It is critical to have a mission in your head. You will have different strategies and approaches, depending on the aims you follow. Blogging for fun and business blogging is not the same. You will have to work for different types of audiences and produce various content considering your mission. 

When you are about business blogging, you should decide the format basing on the needs of your customers. Think about the problems they are trying to solve and help them find the way out. If your clients are students that pay to write essay, make sure to provide them with academic tips and college advice. If your business is connected with sports or a healthy lifestyle, provide guides, recipes, and training tips. In case you write for movie-geeks, provide them with reviews and unobvious interpretations.

A mission will guide and inspire you, helping you to decide the type of content, style, and structure of your posts. To come up with it, you should answer the following questions:

  • Who are your potential readers?
  • What niche would you like to take?
  • Why did you start a blog? Do you want to inform your customers about your products? Do you want to attract new ones?
  • What makes your brand unique? How to support its uniqueness with written content?

Combine the answers in a short summary and formulate your goal. Keep your aim clear, concise, and realistic.

Create, create, and create again

You need to produce and publish content, even if you are not sure that it is perfect. Get ready – you won’t produce ideal posts at the very beginning. However, the trick is to leave your perfectionism away, start working, and get the reaction. Basing on the feedback, you have to adjust your approach and move further. You won’t be able to see if your content works until you post it. What is more, you cannot see what mistakes you make until you actually make them.

In 2020, lifestyle and business blogging overlap, so you should publish as often as you can. Get blogging in a habit and write texts regularly. There is no need to polish and publish each of them – just write for practice.

In the event that you see any of your files or content posted on the web without your permission, know that it is important to have this remove as Google detects this and might affect the overall performance of your blog. Removing info from Google is a service you might sort this issue out


Business blogging is all about consistency. Prioritize your efforts and have a schedule. While quality and valuable content are crucial, consistency will make readers come back for more. Also, you should have the central message and convey it in every post of your blog. The main thing will surely start perceiving you as a reliable and trusted person.

To become an authority, know the topic inside out and produce content your audience needs. Post it regularly and stay organized.


In today’s world, everyone is a bit blogger. We all create posts, share information, and have some experience to demonstrate. While each of us can become a lifestyle blogger, business blogging requires a stricter approach. You need to mind your audience and their needs all the time. Producing content, you have to share valuable information that will increase your brand awareness and credibility. Post well-researched content regularly, know your aims, follow them, and create tons of articles for practice. Track your mistakes, improve your approach, and stay organized. Good luck and happy blogging! 

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