From a small trend that only the younger generations enjoyed, vaping has massively grown in popularity over the last few years, reaching more spheres of people than we might have previously thought. Apparently, even some of our favorite celebrities are avid vapers, completely honest and open about this exciting habit. Giving vaping a good name and being positive influences for the entire community, here are the top five famous stars who are known to be enthusiastic vapers:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Being one of the most famous and notable actors in the world, Leonardo DiCaprio has also been called the ‘vaping boss of Hollywood’. The Oscar winner has been quite open and honest about his love for vaping for over a decade now, ever since the subculture started to emerge. He has even been seen hitting a vape at the SAG awards in 2016, which consequently prompted other award ceremonies to introduce a ban on vaping.

But despite this pressure, it seems like DiCaprio hasn’t caved in. Nowadays, the actor can be spotted in numerous paparazzi shots, from casual outings to red carpet events, holding his favorite box mod vape and enjoying every single puff.

Leonardo DiCaprio

2. Johnny Depp

Another massive film star on the list, Johnny Depp reportedly took up vaping after filming the movie ‘The Tourist’ back in 2010. In the film, Depp’s character not only vapes on screen, but also goes in-depth explaining the entire process of puffing and using a vaping device, scenes that thrilled many avid vapers over the years.

Since playing the role, the actor has seemingly fallen in love with vaping, thus possibly replacing his long-time smoking habit. These days, Johnny Depp can be seen in many events and paparazzi pictures enthusiastically holding a mod or vape pen in his hand.

3. Jack Nicholson

One of the most prominent and noteworthy actors in Hollywood, Jack Nicholson has proved time and time again that vaping isn’t only reserved for the younger generations. Like many others, Nicholson has said he had taken up vaping in an effort to cut back on smoking, but has since developed a love for the habit.

Nowadays, Jack Nicholson prefers to buy the best disposable vape pen he can find, whether it’s due to the practicality and the high quality of the device, or simply because of the wide variety of interesting flavors it offers. Even while walking down the street or signing autographs at events, Nicholson can often be spotted with a disposable vape between his teeth.

4.  Katherine Heigl

The actress known for rom-coms and the famous TV show Gray’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl could possibly be one of the most well-known vapers on this list. Many argue that she is directly responsible for popularizing vaping and bringing it to the mainstream when she publically vaped on the ‘Late Show’ during an interview back in 2011, even encouraging David Letterman to take a hit.

While this might have caused a stir at the time, Katherine has always talked quite positively about vaping, also claiming that it allowed her to break the habit of smoking cigarettes. Since then, the actress can still be seen taking an occasional puff, mostly using devices such as tanks and mods.

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5. Katy Perry

It’s not only actors who develop a love of vaping. Katy Perry, a true pop icon known for hits such as ‘Roar’ and ‘Firework’, is also a notable vaper in the community. Although it might seem a bit surprising, considering her profession, it has been reported that Katy Perry started vaping in an effort to quit smoking cigarettes and preserve her vocal cords.

In numerous paparazzi shots over the years, the singer has been spotted with a vape in her hand, and has even been seen sharing a puff with her husband Orlando Bloom. As a passionate vaper for nearly a decade, Katy Perry has also been quite a positive and open spokesperson for the entire community.

Evidently, vaping has significantly grown in popularity over the years, going from a small, niche interest to a widespread habit even the A-list celebrities enjoy. And whether you love or hate them, there’s no denying that the famous stars mentioned above have become brilliant advocates for the entire vaping community.


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