Every angler needs a good equipment setup to ensure they make the most of every fishing trip. Beyond the essentials like fishing reels, rods, and nets, there are plenty of great accessories to be considered too. To help, here are our top 5 fishing accessories that will make your time out by the water much more comfortable and efficient. 

Fishing Beds

You definitely don’t want to be uncomfortable spending what can be many hours bringing in that next big catch. That’s why fishing beds and chairs should be considered to help you not only sit comfortably but also sleep well when you need some rest. There are so many different types of fishing beds to choose from, with some more luxurious than others if you require only the best comfort. From excellent lumbar support to memory foam padding, camouflage designs and easy compact storage systems, there is a fishing bed for everyone and every type of fishing trip. Some can even be adjusted into a chair position to provide some back support when sitting upright.


Every great setup needs storage and an easy way to transport fishing gear back and forth, with specialist fishing luggage the way to go. Rather than just relying on standard backpacks and holdalls, fishing luggage is specifically designed for anglers to provide a solution to carry even the most obscure items. From alarm pouches to shoulder wallets, tablet bags to padded cookware bags, there is a piece of fishing luggage for every item in your setup. Having your items separated also ensures you will avoid any accidental damage from throwing everything together in one bag, making it easier to find specific accessories when you need them. For instance, a fishing line spooler will play a significant role in contrast to fishing pliers. At least, for fishing, one will be more important than the other. That said, you might want to organize them accordingly.


Whilst some traditionalists may think it’s an unfair advantage, a fishing alarm or bite alarm can help make reacting to a bite much easier. The modern technology involved with these accessories means even the slightest movement can be detected, whilst also being fully adjustable to avoid oversensitivity. One of the biggest benefits of using fishing alarms is to avoid missing a big catch overnight, so even if you’re sound asleep, you can react quickly to a potential big catch. Using this accessory will ensure you’ll never miss a thing whilst catching some well-earned rest.


Headtorches can sometimes be overlooked for traditional handheld devices, but that’s until you realize you have your hands full and can’t hold one easily. A headtorch bridges the gap and allows hands-free use so that in the middle of the night you can grab your rod or net and not have to worry about dropping your light or not being able to see properly. Some headtorches can adjust the color of the light too, with a green tint ideal to help attract fish to your catch area.


Staying warm and dry is essential especially during the colder months or in chilly environments, so a bivvy is the best way to keep the elements out. In much the same way as a tent will help campers, bivvies are specifically designed for anglers to provide shelter during the day and especially overnight. Bivvies come in all shapes and sizes, depending on if you are fishing alone or have a lot of equipment. Some have open front designs whilst others can be fully zipped up and include insect panels. The best bivvies will be your home from home every time.

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