Tech makes all of our lives easier and in-car gadgets can make a journey just that bit more enjoyable. With some of these awesome accessories, you want a great vehicle, such as a jeep to really get the most enjoyment out of your travels, these top five in-car gadgets may result in you finding yourself actually enjoying the daily commute!

1. The Anker Quick Charge 3.0 USB Car Charger

As one of the top brands for electronics, Anker now offers you the chance to charge up to three USB devices at once. Everyone has been caught out one time or another leaving home in a hurry with a battery nearly out of charge. The device can charge your phone battery by up to 80% in just 30 minutes. Compatible with all phones and tablets, the Anker Car Charger also comes with an 18-month warranty for additional peace of mind.

2. Nextbase 612GW Dash Cam

With a three-inch LCD screen and 4K high-resolution recording, the Nextbase 612GW Dash Cam offers peace of mind for drivers. The recorded footage can be transferred easily to your home PC or smartphone, meaning you no longer have to spend time trying to explain to the insurance company that an accident wasn’t your fault despite the claims of the other party. The vehicle dash cam sticks to your dashboard with a magnetic pad and also tracks your GPS and speed which are saved with the recording.

3. Tyrepal Solar

Enhance fuel economy and protect your tyres with the Tyrepal Solar. Simply remove your existing tyre dust caps and replace them with the wireless monitors supplied. The display unit can be mounted onto the dashboard. It is powered by solar power (although there is a USB charger included should it be required). The display shows the current tyre temperature and more importantly, each tyre’s current pressure. The Tyrepal alerts you with a beep if either your tyres get too hot, or the pressure goes either above or below your pre-set limits.

4. Pure Highway 400

For an easy way to add DAB digital radio to your car, the Pure Highway 400 gives you a much wider range of stations compared to FM radio. It is also Bluetooth compatible, meaning you can play your favourite playlist from your phone through to your car stereo. A handy app allows you to also use the Pure Highway as a handsfree option for your phone, allowing you to make and receive calls even when driving.

5. Roav Viva

Many homes now have an Amazon Alexa. Now, you can talk to your device from your car with the Roav Viva. Simply pair the device to your phone and authorise access to your Amazon Alexa account. Then you can talk to your Alexa hands free from within your car! You can download Alexa skills that can make your journey easier, such as a Sat Nav, traffic updates, podcasts, news and other real-time information relevant to your location.

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