If there’s a new mom in your life, you probably want to get them a special gift. This doesn’t mean that you have to get them traditional items like a baby outfit or a pack of diapers (although you could get those too!). Check out this ultimate gift guide for new moms if you want to get a unique, yet thoughtful gift.

Backpack Diaper Bag

Even new moms, that are homebodies, will need to run out with the baby from time to time. In order to keep all of the baby essentials organized, a backpack diaper bag will come in handy. It has plenty of pockets to store all of the little odds and ends like diaper rash cream and baby socks. It also can conveniently be carried as a backpack in order to keep the new mom’s hands free and available for her baby.

Super Comfortable Flats

It’s not surprising that moms spend a lot of hours on their feet. They do everything from rocking their baby to sleep to running back and forth dealing with household chores or taking their baby to numerous doctor’s appointments. One way to keep a new mom from having achy feet is a pair of super comfortable flats. These flats will provide the cushioning she needs to be able to comfortably be on her feet all day long.

Backpack Diaper BagBaby Wipes Warmer

Moms will need to use wipes on babies of all ages many times throughout the day. A lot of babies, especially newborns, hate to have their diapers changed because the wipes used on them are just too cold. A baby wipes warmer can change all of this. How it works is that wipes are placed into the device and the wipes warmer is plugged in and warms up the wipes and keeps them warm. This handy little device can help diaper changes go a lot smoother for a new mom.

Gift Cards To Her Favorite Coffee Shop

All moms need a break from time to time. Unfortunately, they often don’t want to spend money on themselves and don’t want to take very much time away from their baby. Gift cards to a mom’s favorite coffee shop are the perfect way to encourage a new mom to take a break without her needing to spend hours away from her baby. One of the nice things about this gift is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money as the gift card only really needs to cover the cost of a coffee or two and a pastry.

A Photo Session

There’s no better way to capture a new baby coming into the family than by taking photos of them. A photo session can capture photos of the new baby as long as well as the whole family. Photos from the photo session can be used as keepsakes that the family can always cherish. Just make sure the location for the photo shoot isn’t too far from the new mom’s house.

New moms will typically spend a lot of their first few months in the comfort of their own home, so it is best to try and figure out what could make their new journey into motherhood more comfortable and less stressful.  Think back to when you had your first baby and try to come up with the 5 best items that you found when you went through the adjustment.