Every girl dreams of her big day! While most would think that the bridal gown is the most important aspect of the whole wedding having a good foundation and makeup ties everything all together. Your wedding makeup is as important as your bridal gown – don’t let others convince you otherwise.

This article aims to help brides-to-be through their makeup decisions on the big day.

1. No Makeup Makeup Look

The all natural makeup look is here to stay. Ever since the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, designers, makeup artists, and brides are taking a page from the book and copying the au naturale of having a fresh face on big events. This look became Meghan Markle’s signature look as it complemented her freckles perfectly. The makeup and fashion industry now referred to this look as the “Duchess Effect.”

To achieve this look, you have to be very minimal. Through a natural and dewy-looking base minus the classic deep red lipstick, you can achieve this look and still put off an “I’m fabulous but still didn’t try too hard” look. Focus on the eyebrows, make it thick and natural-looking. Go for glowing skin and finished it off with flushed cheeks.

2. Warm Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Another look to wear on your big day is the warm smokey eye makeup look. It’s all about the eyes! If the first wedding makeup look focused on the eyebrows, let’s see how we can improve your look through a smokey eye. It would be best to avoid that panda-eye-look that seems just too heavy for a happy occasion. Opt for a more delicate hue over your lids – whether it is light pink, pastel orange, or glittery gold, all is well as long as you finish it off with dramatic lashes!

This makeup look aims to focus the attention to your eyes. Therefore, it is only appropriate to keep the rest of your face clean. You can throw off a little bit of highlight on your cheeks, nose bridge, and cupid’s bow to tie everything together. For the lips, stick with a natural colored lipstick.

3. The Low Bun

Let’s talk hair! Another element included in the art of makeup is your hair. On your big day, you would want to have a hairstyle that goes perfectly well with your makeup and your dress. While there are a lot of hairstyles that may seem over-the-top, it is important to consider the fact that this is your wedding day. Go for a simple yet elegant look and it will surely melt everyone’s heart on the big day.

The low bun is a hairstyle inspired by, yet again, Meghan Markle. This bridal hairstyle is part of the “Duchess Effect.” Big bonus if you are planning to wear a low-back bridal gown because this hairstyle will complement it nicely. You can even achieve a “vintage” low bun look by twisting instead of curling the hair. Furthermore, you can also pull it in an updo that would perfectly frame any face shape.

4. Headbands!

Blair Waldorf’s soft and delicate hairstyles from Gossip Girl are making a comeback! Surely, she would be happy to see headbands as an actual wedding trend this 2019. Take a page from her style book and use an elegant and delicate headband on the big day.

Can’t decide on which headband to use? Focus on the material of the headband and go for something with silk, white satin, gold satin, or metallic. This trend has completely replaced the wedding veil.

5. The Classic Red Lips

If you are not in favor of the au naturale makeup look, then it’s fine! Maybe you want to go for something a little bit more timeless? If this is the case, why not go for the classic red lips. This makeup trend has been here for a while. Nothing seems to get rid of it. Last fall was the official mark of its re-emergence to the makeup industry. Whether you are more of a cold red or a bold one, this can be the perfect statement to bring to your big day!

6. Go for Silver!

If you think about the beauty of a particular makeup look, you think about how it all ties together with your dress and probably, your motif as well. The trick here is to pick a color that will go with everything. For bridal makeup looks, silver is most likely your best bet.

Ramirez Ayala claims that this 2019, brides would want to try the Silver Trend. Opt for ethereal silvers used as highlight or even eye makeup. This will bring a natural glow to the face with a hint of elegance. A silver eye shadow can be finished off with a winged eyeliner giving it a deep black sparkle. In addition, you may also want to add a bit of drama by going for bold and beautiful eyelashes.

7. Monochromatic Makeup

Monochromatic makeup is when the artist only uses one color and interprets it through the different shades or variation of that particular color. With this makeup trend, you will be able to achieve elegance like no other. While the top two monochromes used for this makeup trend is black and white, you may want to stick with white on your big day.

By limiting your makeup look to one shade range, you can achieve a fresh look that still emits boldness. In addition, this type of makeup trend will go great with any skin tone.

Truly, wedding dresses Luv Bridal Melbourne will want their brides-to-be to look perfect on their big day. As they offer a great number of wedding dresses, you can easily find the one that will go perfectly well with your makeup look.

Remember, a wedding dress is as important as your makeup look. Be true to yourself and go for a look that you feel most comfortable in. If you do not know what works best for your face, the above-mentioned ideas can serve as an inspiration as to where you can start!

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